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March 21, 2011

Featured Articles
SXSW Interactive: It's About Relationships, not Technology
If you went to SXSW Interactive with your mind set on video, you missed the point.
Adobe Wallaby is No Magic Bullet for Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion
As much a vision statement as a technology preview, Adobe's Wallaby Flash-to-HTML5 converter doesn't eliminate all the heavy lifting required to get Flash content to play in non-Flash-compatible devices
Gary Vaynerchuk: "Social Media Is Over-Hyped"
Wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk takes a few minutes at the South by Southwest conference to discuss how online businesses can prosper by growing community.
Online Video News
Google Offers WebM Plug-in for IE9
IE9 users can now stream both H.264 and WebM content, with a little help from Google.
Mirror Image Announces Mobile Ad Solution
Advertisers can stream to any mobile device and use geolocation to target their messages.
Industry News
Jimmy Kimmel Live utilizes cloud-app maker Mediafly to bring their rich media content to web enabled devices.
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