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March 09, 2011

Featured Articles
RealNetworks Talks Helix Streaming for Enterprise
Delivering high-quality video in multiple formats and protocols to an enterprise audience is no problem with Helix, RealNetworks explained in a recent webinar.
MPEG LA and WebM: Power to the Patent Trolls!--The Producer's View
MPEG LA's call for patents could do serious damage to the WebM format and lead to the industry standardizing on H.264. Let's hope!
YouTube Buys Next New Networks
Long a rumor, YouTube has purchased Next New Networks in its first significant acquisition of a content creation company.
Online Video News
BitTorrent’s Project Chrysalis Alpha Arrives
The file-exchange company takes its first steps to becoming a full home entertainment platform.
Industry News
Ackerman McQueen advertising agency selects to power its video encoding - saves thousands of dollars, improves quality and turnaround time.
Other new features in the version 3.4 software upgrade include JPEG2000, H.264 and MPEG-2 encoding enhancements, frame-compatible 3D support and more.
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