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January 17, 2011

Featured Articles
Video: A First Look at the Boxee iPad App
While the Boxee iPad app won't appear in the iTunes Store for several months, we got a sneak peek at CES. Get a feature tour in this video and see what you can expect.
How to Encode to WebM
With Google's announcement that it's dropping H.264 support in Chrome in favor of WebM, it's time to start looking at the format. Here's a look at how to get the best WebM quality.
Commentary: Welcome to the Two-Codec World
With WebM, Google hasn't created any new revenue opportunities, opened any new markets or increased the size of the pie. They've just made it more expensive to get your share, all in the highly ethereal pursuit of "open codec technologies."
Verizon, Apple, and AT&T: A Battle of Incremental Proportions
Verizon gains the iPhone 4 and Apple puts incompatibility before sanity with a version that's a step backward from what AT&T users can do today
Online Video News
Onstream Media to Create Virtual Marketplace for Healthcare Industry
Transformed marketplace will offer information on thousands of products, as well as live educational courses.
Octoshape Launches Cloudmass Delivery
CDN-aggregator provides high bandwidth for video delivery, but only when needed.
VMIX Finishes European and Asian Rollout
Partnership with Amazon Web Services bring improved performance and storage to worldwide customers.
Italy's AGCOM Moves to Regulate YouTube, Other Video Sites
"YouTube is like a TV" statement may bode ill for user-generated content sites that operate in Italy
Industry News
Media-as-a-Service 4.0 Video Platform Delivers DesiYou Content to Web, Internet TV, Set-top Boxes and Mobile
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