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October 27, 2010

Featured Articles
Adobe MAX 2010: Kick-off Keynote
Kevin Lynch shows off Flash—and HTML5 with CSS3—fueling Adobe's changing landscape.
3Crowd Attempts to Aggregate Aggregators
By aggregating CDN delivery, the company hopes to offer more flexible service at a lower price.
Online Video News
Perform Launches ePlayer in the U.S. with Sports Coup
Having succeeded in the U.K., video service brings aggregated sports content to the U.S.
Adobe Joins with Kaltura for HTML5 Widget
Solution makes it easy to stream HTML5 or Flash video to any viewer on any platform.
Industry News
Protects Against “Video Floods” and Allows Pervasive Use of Video Inside the Corporate Network to Transform Communication and Business Processes
Stream UK's platforms Stream Connect and Stream Crowdsourcer are now powering
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