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August 04, 2010

Featured Articles
Case Study: A Streaming Merit Badge?
With the help of AT&T and Ustream, the Boy Scouts of America delivered its 100th anniversary celebration to Scout troops across the U.S.
Online Video News
Limelight Acquires Delve Networks For Enterprise Video Management
Limelight Networks announced they have acquired online video platform Delve Networks in a mostly cash and small equity transaction.
Industry News
Video guides are the latest trend and are getting a lot of attention lately, and not just in the US, but also in Europe. was chosen by the Dutch government to attend the 2010 business conference and PICNIC creative festival in Amsterdam,
America's Leader in Outdoor TV Utilizes thePlatform's New mpx Beta System to Manage Video and Video Player Technology to Create Custom Viewing Experiences for Consumers on
Enhancements to mpx Beta Publishing System Include New Tools for Creating and Managing Video Feeds, Advertising Policies, and Advanced Content Restrictions
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