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Streaming Media Magazine: April/May 2009
by | Despite the struggling economy, the world of online video is still a good place to be.
by | CDN pricing remains constant at the moment, so don't expect a big drop in 2009.
by | The Taste of Home website beefed up its video offerings with video aggregation and a platform from, significantly increasing page views in the process.
How NTT Communications is helping Pandora keep the music alive on the internet
by | While Blu-ray players offer superior quality, odds are against it becoming a dominant force. Instead, expect online video to take off by the end of the year.
by | Some broadcasters are hedging their bets, but most are gambling on internet delivery to increase their brand visibility and hit the monetization jackpot.
Fri., April 24, by IdaRose Sylvester
by | With the last distributor of new VHS movies giving up the format, it is time for educational institutions to think about what video they have stored in this medium.
by | So far in 2009, competitive strategies are shifting, innovation is continuing, and a tipping point of new users appears to have been reached. All three trends mean good things for the streaming media industry.
by | Host your own, use a UGC site, or deploy a fee-based, SaaS approach? Here's how to decide which approach is right for you.
by | Lucrative opportunities await those who can integrate online video with other applications in a way that saves companies money.
by , | Although the release of CS4 pushes Adobe’s video software further into the spotlight, it doesn’t make as large a first impression as its predecessor did.
by , | How the University of Bridgeport and Saxon Mills used YouTube to draw potential students to campus