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Featured Articles

Product Review: A Bandwidth Simulator for Testing Streaming Media

Learn the tools that helps you test your streaming content by simulating low bandwidth connections.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Apr 2004

Commentary: MPEG-4 is Dead

With the adoption of WM9 by the DVD Forum, there's increasing reason to believe that MPEG4's future looks grim.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Apr 2004

Product Review: RealProducer 10 Competes On Features, Codecs

We take a look at what's new in the the preview release of RealNetworks' latest.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Apr 2004

Creating Windows Media Download Packages

Windows Media download packages bundle up an entire playlist, a collection of media files, and a custom border into one downloadable file. With a single click, the Windows Media Player will unpackage the contents, add the playlist to its Media Library, and begin playback of your program.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Mar 2004

H.264 Video Prepares MPEG-4 For Prime Time

As broadcasters shift from tape- to disk-based digital acquisition, editing, and transmission systems, MPEG-4 system vendors’ products can gain significant market share against MPEG-2. Adoption will depend on several factors, such as de-mystifying H.264 and its availability as a codec within MPEG-4.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Mar 2004

The Windows Media ActiveX Control – Not Just for Internet Explorer Anymore

Embedding Windows Media player in a Web page can be challenging. Now, the Mozilla/Netscape team has built ActiveX support for Windows Media directly into their latest browsers. Here's how to sniff for Windows Media browser support and embed your video for everyone.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Mar 2004

A Healthy Convergence of Conferencing and Streaming Media

Anthony Whalen of Truestar Health is a streaming media entrepreneur who has taken off-the-shelf components from STARBAK and VCON and created a special streaming media production system. The resulting programming positively impacts the daily lives of Truestar Health members.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Mar 2004

VCR's for Streaming

Streaming media is a great way to receive multimedia over the Internet. But it doesn't help you when you're on a plane, in traffic, or in your ice-fishing hut in Minnesota. Help is available-StreamDown and SDP can record streaming media programs, letting you watch or listen at your convenience.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Mar 2004

Apple Continues To Expand Mac's New Media Tools

Whether you use them or not, Apple computers are icons. The latest releases are doing more than pleasing loyalists; they are causing the heads of Windows users to turn and look. In 2004, Macs are finding their way into the home & business & making new media much easier for users to create & enjoy.
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Feb 2004

The MPEG Video Standards – from 1 to 21

There's more to MPEG than just audio and video compression. There are five MPEG standards–MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MPEG7, and MPEG21–spanning all aspects of compressing, authoring, identifying, and delivering multimedia. Here's a quick look at each one and where it fits in the digital media landscape.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Feb 2004

Streaming Media to Mobile Audiences

In 2004, mobile users are signing up for and experimenting with services featuring synchronized audio and video. The first mobile rich media app to launch is video messaging, since it is a straightforward evolution of photo messaging and appeals to our need to communicate personal information.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Feb 2004

Screen Recording – An Enterprise Approach to Streaming Media Publishing

For software training, demos, or even Powerpoint slideshows, a narrated screen recording can be a simple & effective way to get your point across. In this article we'll look at the industrial-strength Screenwatch & see how it handles presentation authoring for educational institutions & enterprises.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Feb 2004

Debunking Multicast Urban Legends

In the multicast industry there are a number of commonly heard statements that have become "urban legends." It is the streaming media industry’s responsibility—if it wants to become ubiquitous by driving down bandwidth costs—to dispel these myths with "truths" such as those provided here.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Jan 2004

Patently Absurd? Streaming Users Face Acacia Patent Fight

CA-based holding company Acacia Research claims they hold patents on streaming, downloading and just about every form of digital audio and video distribution--including pushing MP3s from P2P groups, streaming newscasts from Internet radio sites and delivering movies through cable networks.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Jan 2004

Screen Recorders for Streaming

With visual communication over the Internet an essential business and educational tool, screen recording can provide a simple means to create presentations of software demos, data walk-throughs, or even traditional slideshows. Let's face it, nothing beats the "Show me, don't tell me!" approach.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Jan 2004

Cisco Expands Its AVVID Portfolio

In November, Cisco announced plans to extend its AVVID IP communications products portfolio into the data conferencing world through the acquisition of Latitude Communications. Though significant, this move is unlikely to create enormous new opportunities for those selling and using streaming media.
Featured Articles, Posted 06 Jan 2004

What’s Holding Up Multicast Streaming?

Today many streaming industry advocates (and pundits) wonder why eleven years after the first test multicasts of streaming, this technology is still not ubiquitous. Will multicast streaming efficiencies ever happen?
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Dec 2003

Interactive MPEG4 – Who Will Lead the Way?

The MPEG4 standard for interactive video has facets that attract attention, enthusiasm, and investment. Both the Web and broadcast industries salivate at the possibility of a standards-based solution for authoring and delivering rich media content, but differ in their approach to driving adoption.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Dec 2003

Creating Interactive Video With MPEG4

After a long build-up, MPEG4 is finally roaring out of the gates. Read on for a look at the frontier of MPEG4 video - interactive video capabilities that will leave you oohing and ahhing. We'll look at the basics, then walk through a complete XMT/SMIL code example that shows how it's done.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Nov 2003

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