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P2P in B2B:
Getting Past the "N" Word

If you looked at P2P last year, much of its promise for B2B was still only theoretical, but this year were surprised to see how quickly a number of organizations are exploring various types of peer-to-peer content delivery for internal and business-to-business purposes.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Jul 2003

The Business of Stream Metrics: Quantifying Quality

Streaming media industry consolidation continued this past week when Keynote Systems acquired Streamcheck, the only streaming-focused "independent" metrics provider. This feature discusses stream metrics and questions how the streaming media industry has avoided quantifying quality.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Jul 2003

Streaming vs. Downloading Video: Choosing The Right Solution

Streaming and downloading are distinct methods of delivery, each with its own benefits and limitations. We'll take a look at the difference between the two methods, and make some suggestions about when you should choose one or the other for your projects.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Jul 2003

Flexible DRM: Can Record Labels Effectively Implement DRM Technologies?

Until recently the tools required to securely monetize, music online simply did not exist. With the advent of new Digital Rights Management technologies, the labels are finally armed with the tools they need.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Jul 2003

Industry Interview: Vendaria

As online purchasing continues to increase in popularity with consumers, Seattle-based Vendaria Inc. is poised to transform the e-retail market. Vendaria provides solutions that allow customers to view video detailing features and benefits of a given product. The company believes that giving consumers additional, pertinent information at the point of purchase will lead to higher conversion rates and encourage Internet shopping. Vendaria’s customer list is a veritable Who’s Who of the retail space including such top names as Wal Mart, Starbucks, Huffy, Hoover,, Polaroid, and Eddie Bauer. The company recently wrapped up a second round of financing during which it raised $2.3 million. spoke with Cary Roth, CEO and co-founder of Vendaria.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Jul 2003

Industry Interview: Jibe Inc.

Although hesitant to characterize itself as a P2P company, Jibe is finding practical, and saleable, applications for the enterprise. According to Jibe's estimates, their EdgeBurst software accelerates download speeds up to 30 times and reduces bandwidth costs up to 90%. Attractive features of the service include parallel progressive download whereby a user can watch a video while it is being downloaded.

This week, editorial writer Kinley Levack sat down with Neal Ater, CEO of Jibe Inc. to talk about the benefits of peer-to-peer technology.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Jun 2003

Video E-Mail And The In-box

There are two categories of use for video messaging. The first is to offer an audience an experience akin to television advertising. The second is personal video messaging. There are professional and consumer applications for both categories of video messaging. by Christine Perey
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Jun 2003

Where Videoconferencing And Streaming Technologies Intersect - Part 2

Integrating videoconferencing & streaming as source & delivery platforms can be challenging. Examining the features & hazards commonly found by those creating & distributing content created by blending conferencing & streaming will help guide you in the right direction. by Christine Perey
Featured Articles, Posted 28 May 2003

Regulation Fair Disclosure: SEC Mandates the Value of Streaming Media

How many other industries can thank the US Government for passing a rule to dramatically raise its profile? Reg FD has not only created the market for streaming as a financial tool, but also significantly increased new business opportunities for the streaming media industry. by David M. Scott
Featured Articles, Posted 20 May 2003

Encoding Tools Product Review

The multi-codec encoder field is more crowded now as the three leading products - ProCoder, Squeeze, and the radically reinvented Cleaner XL - pursue different audiences. Which is right for your workflow will depend on what you know and what you Jeff Sauer
Featured Articles, Posted 13 May 2003

A Roadmap to Digital Convergence:
MPEG Technology Developments

Digital convergence means gaining universal access to the right materials - rich, useful and focused content - in the right place at the right time. It’s about bringing content to the viewer through increasingly more portable formats in the technology Barb Roeder and JC Spierer
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Apr 2003

DRM Solutions: Who Holds The Keys To The Future of Streaming Media

The market is seeing a clear and concise movement by the world’s biggest electronic, software and hardware manufacturers towards securing their future with a DRM solution bundled in their offering. Apple, Microsoft and Sony Fight The Last Great Battle On The Web. by Christopher Levy
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Apr 2003

News Video In Wartime:
Streamcheck Reports On Quality

In the months leading up to the Iraqi conflict, staff at leading news sites were scrambling to put in place preparations for the expected surge in traffic. So did it all work? Objective numbers from Streamcheck can shed some light on this Dan Rayburn
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Apr 2003

Creating Custom Skins For RealOne

Skins allow you to create a virtual super-remote, a single, compact command center to manage all of your streams and feeds. Skins are surprisingly easy to build & this tutorial breaks down everything you need to know to customize and liven up RealOne media Lisa Rein & Cory Doctorow
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Apr 2003

DRM Enabled Digital Content Distribution:
Working Out The Kinks

The Internet has created a paradigm shift in how we distribute & share valuable & highly confidential personal & business information. In addition to finding the right technology, with this shift comes a new set of business, social & legal issues for society to wrestle Rajan Samtani
Featured Articles, Posted 25 Mar 2003

Case Study:
Mercedes-Benz Shifts into Streaming Gear

One European luxury car manufacturer drives home the point that streaming media isn’t necessarily about a marketing blitzkrieg, but rather a valuable tool in communicating with dealerships and service Max Bloom
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Mar 2003

Streaming Media Matures:
The Search for Solutions Drives Developments

As with all maturing technologies, now that streaming media has made its way into the mainstream, it's novelty alone no longer suffices to make it noteworthy. Streaming hs to prove itself based on what it actually contributes, or it will quickly become yesterday's Philip De Lancie
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Mar 2003

Understanding The Components of a Streaming Media Network – Part 2

In part one of this article we discussed the benefits of installing a CDN and its key components. We wrap up with the last three components of a CDN: the various management reporting interfaces, monitoring & content management systems and the streaming server John Studarus
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Mar 2003

Detecting Streaming Media Players and Connection Speed Tutorial

Learn how to create the code that will let you determine which players your users have installed, and what bandwidth they have available on their Internet connection to stream your Larry Bouthillier
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Feb 2003

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