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Enterprise Case Study: HP’s Streaming Group Grows Up

Born as the in-house media production organization for mighty Hewlett-Packard, the media solutions group will soon be taking its act on the road. Contributor Max Bloom tells us why the corporate production studio at HP has been so busy.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 May 2001

Coping with Bandwidth Limitations

Featured Articles, Posted 23 May 2001

The Eyeball: To Hell, Back, and Beyond

In his monthly column for Streaming Media Magazine, Staff Writer Jason Thompson tells us that despite industry efforts to demystify the Web, the thrill of the surf is alive and well. Streaming content sites should harness it.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 May 2001

Live Webcasting 101, Part I

Producing live events for the Web is about exciting as it gets for streaming tech-heads. Contributor and webcasting veteran Chip Ruhnke lays the foundation for live webcast production technique and considerations. All the basic skills and best practices will be described in this two-part series.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 May 2001

ICDNs: Delivery into the enterprise

Back when streaming video first started catching on, many companies were compelled to try streaming over their corporate networks. But IT managers feared that streaming would clog the pipes, slowing the passage of mission-critical data. Stream-enabling a network quickly became a priority.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Decisions, Decisions

With many variables in cost and service features to consider, choosing a CDN isn’t easy. For NetRadio, the stakes in such a decision are high — the company streams upwards of 4.6 million aggregate tuning hours per month, according to Arbitron’s most recent report. So NetRadio declined to take the leap with a single provider, choosing instead to test the waters.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

What Should You Look For In A CDN?

Because the total product CDNs’ supply is comprised of multiple parts and suppliers, service scope and quality can differ widely. The added-value trappings can differentiate a Ford from a Rolls Royce in the CDN world.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Brand New Infrastructure: The FedEx Model

Just like with physical goods, data must be transported from A to B. Like trucks on a highway, data usually travels the most frequented routes. But as more vehicles start cruising that highway, and as the trips become longer, packages get delayed, go astray, arrive spoiled, or don’t arrive at all.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

CDNs: Fast Route to Main Street

The world of content delivery networks can confuse even a veteran to streaming, but navigating it might be necessary for the success of your streaming operation. Sr. Editor Jose Alvear and Contributor John Townley tell you how CDNs operate, how they set their prices, and why — or if — you need them.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

Do You Really Need A CDN?

Comparison shopping for CDNs is crucial, as is negotiating on price once a decision has been made. But first, you’ll need to determine if you actually need — or can afford — a CDN.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 May 2001

NASA, Web Pioneer

Despite NASA’s internal communication problems, the agency has played a pioneering role in communication technology, and is developing breakthrough technologies that promise to extend the frontiers of digital media networks.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001


Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001

2001: A Stream Odyssey

NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter mission fell victim to a breach of communication, but out of that experience sprouted a solution in the form of streaming technology. Staff Writer Jason Thompson tells us how NASA is pushing the frontiers of streaming media.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001

Space dreams

In a landmark partnership with a private company, NASA is set to stream from HDTV cameras in space, and hopes to exploit — of all things — an IPO.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001

New Frontiers

As the agency continues to integrate streaming into various operations, Internet bandwidth still restricts the range of streaming applications. But the NGI will make it possible to stream at much higher bandwidths, including high-definition video (HD), with applications in remote project surveillance, telemedicine, and agency-wide collaboration.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 May 2001

Using RealSystem's Event Streams

Possibly the most powerful feature of streaming media systems is something that does not stream. Sound paradoxical? You can tie other kinds of web content to the timeline of your video presentation, which allows you to create complex and personalized experiences for your viewers.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 May 2001

The Economics of MPEG-4

MPEG-4 promises to change the entire streaming landscape, if it gains widespread usage. What are the business ramifications of MPEG-4? Find out on this edition of Insider, with guests from Sun, DiamondBack Vision, iVast and Kasenna.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 May 2001

Content Prophets: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Long a popular format in terrestrial radio, news and talk programming seems like a good bet for streaming content on the Web. Staff Writer Ellie Kieskowski shows us that while several talk shows have found success in streaming format, the medium has yet to rival terrestrial numbers.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 May 2001

Talk Radio Still A Toddler

According to Bill Rose, general manager and vice president of Arbitron Internet Services, branding is the biggest challenge facing Internet talk radio sites.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 May 2001

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