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Featured Articles

Broadband Marketing at Oracle

Oracle, the second biggest software company in the world, has over 150 live webcasts annually and hundreds of on-demand streams, in practically every area of its business. Contributor Max Bloom looks at how its streaming initiatives saved the company almost $10 million a year.
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Sep 2001

Encoding with Scripts

Take advantage of the command-line capabilities of the major video encoders with contributor Larry Bouthillier's latest tutorial. Learn how to set up scripts to achieve a more scalable and efficient encoding process.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Aug 2001

The Re-Purposing Paradox

Seen as a way for advertisers to test the streaming media waters, the re-purposing of offline advertising content for online campaigns shows some promise … and pitfalls. Contributor David Cotriss reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Aug 2001

StreamGenie Presenter: Killing Several Birds with One Stone

With TV quality video production, powerful encoding and streaming, and a business presentation capability, Pinnacle's StreamGenie Presenter looks stellar on paper. Contributor Bern Solnik finds out how well it works in the real world.
Featured Articles, Posted 29 Aug 2001

Peer-to-Peer Streaming Finds Friends

A new breed of companies is targeting the peer-to-peer distribution method to lower the costs of streaming. Can they help alleviate the economies of streaming? Senior Editor Jose Alvear reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Aug 2001

Rockwell Streams Well

After the merger that created industrial automation company Rockwell Automation, it decided to start its own video production department to handle streaming internally. Contributor Max Bloom writes about how Rockwell is making streaming work in a multicast environment.
Featured Articles, Posted 27 Aug 2001

Corporate Streaming with RealSystem iQ

If you’re planning to deploy an enterprise streaming system, and hope to keep your CEO smiling and staff headaches to a minimum, RealSystem iQ might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Contibutor Larry Bouthillier takes us through it step by step.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Aug 2001

Could pirates take Hollywood?

Five of the eight major Hollywood film studios are developing a service to pump their products direct into American homes. Are we about to witness new piracy threats on a Napster-like scale, or can the European courts prepare a sound infrastructure in time to beat the threat? Joe Smithies reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Aug 2001


With 17 million football fans keen to get info on their favourite Premier team, Hutchison may have quite a decent head start in streaming mobile content to a keen and hungry user-base. Paul Quigley investigates the impact this could have on the future of mobile convergence.
Featured Articles, Posted 23 Aug 2001

EventStream: Interactivity Authoring That Works

Media 100’s EventStream technology adds interactivity to its well-known digital media products — and it works with the "big three" media players without plug-ins or components. Contributor Francesco Schiavon puts this interactive authoring tool to the test.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Aug 2001

The Eyeball: Playing in “Living Structures”

In his column for Streaming Media Magazine, Staff Writer Jason Thompson explains that while the word “Internet” might be taboo in Hollywood, big studio directors could learn a thing or two about the interactive power of the medium.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Aug 2001

DVD-R Plays to the Mainstream

Pioneer’s sub-$1000 DVD-R writer makes for an affordable, extremely versatile, high-capacity solution for streaming master file storage. Contributor Jon Jacobi tells us why this product is the kind of product that a reviewer lives for.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Aug 2001

Structural Group: Brick and Mortar Streaming

Contributor Max Bloom brings us the story of a blue-collar construction company which nails enterprise streaming and achieves concrete results in demonstrating ROI.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Aug 2001

UNC Medicine Does the Rounds with Streaming

After years of televising lectures, the University of North Carolina's School of Medicine decided to put the seminars online, integrating webcasting capabilities into the TV production flow. Doctors save on travel and get back to taking care of patients. Contributor Daisy Whitney reports.
Featured Articles, Posted 14 Aug 2001

Digital Media Zone: Beyond Moving Pictures

Contributor Jon Leland brings us the story of Flash animator Hillman Curtis, who made his creative mark with pioneering books and breakthrough Web designs. Now his influence is seen across top-tier design clients to offline broadcast big boys trying to capture a little Curtis magic.

Featured Articles, Posted 13 Aug 2001

Does the future of streaming lie in the enterprise?

Consumer bleeding edge streaming versus prosaic enterprise - which holds the key to the future? Graham Whitehouse of NaviSite gazes into his tea leaves and brews up a vision.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Aug 2001

Putting the Squeeze on LSX-MPEG Suite 2.0

Ligos’ new MPEG transcoder acts like a vise on video files to bring them down to Internet size, but users will need to get a grip on the physics of compression in order to use it. Contributor Dee McVicker goes deep into the transcoder to see if it's worth its $399 price.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Aug 2001

IAB Announces New Guidelines for Rich Media Ads

The advertising bureau lays out voluntary guidelines for ads that use audio and video.
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Aug 2001

Convergence - new dog plays old tricks

It's new and shiny, but convergence presents the music and film industries with the same old problems, with a new twist. What are they up to?
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Aug 2001

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