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Department Of The Interior Streams To Its Employees

On the job, as Director of Online Learning for the Department of the Interior University, Bob Veltkamp searches for better ways to communicate consistently and effectively to over 70,000 people who work for the Department’s eight bureaus and other Departmental offices.
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Nov 2003

Case Study – University of Cincinnati

Streaming media has become an integral part of the communications toolset at the University of Cincinnati. What started in 1999 as an experiment in streaming technology has transformed the classroom environment and expanded the reach of the school's academic and public service programs.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Nov 2003

Inside The Cisco Media Network

As director of the Cisco Media Network for the past six years and involved with the company’s streaming efforts for the past eight, Mike Mitchell has tried dozens of products and services, developed and revised protocols for users, and shares with us how the Cisco Media Network has evolved.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Nov 2003

Streaming Media West 2003 Wrap-Up

The three-day event boasted over 100 speakers and numerous exhibitors showcasing presentation delivery offerings and innovative services. Read in-depth overviews of the exhibitors products, conference panel sessions, keynote presentations and see photos and videos from the show floor.
Featured Articles, Posted 30 Oct 2003

How To Brand Your Video With A Watermark

Inconspicuously floating over the bottom-right corner of a video, a watermark logo provides viewers with recognition of the program's source, as it builds brand awareness. We'll show you how to grace your videos with an interactive watermark that brands your content and drives traffic to your site.
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Oct 2003

Healthcare Professionals Getting A Dose Of Streaming

At the Charleston Area Medical Center rich media is making a difference. Patients and personnel can access content from the Health Education Research Institute’s Media Services group with one click of the mouse.
Featured Articles, Posted 22 Oct 2003

Rich Media Publishing and Management Part 3: Peering into the Crystal Ball

This final installment of a series on rich media publishing and management explores two diverging scenarios for the evolution of the category. Will the category persist as a stand alone or will the capabilities provided by these platforms be integrated into other business systems?
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Oct 2003

Creative Commons Licensing Toolset For Digital Media

Isn't the phrase "copyright restrictions" a misnomer? Restricting the use of a work is just one side of what copyright law can do for creators and distributors of content. The Creative Commons project gives content creators a toolset for adding carefully-crafted copyright protections to their work.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 Oct 2003

Rich Media Publishing and Management Part 2: Sorting The Candidates

There is agreement on the vision of what a platform should be, but how should a customer narrow down the field and focus on only those providers likely to meet the customer’s specific requirements? And what are the most important factors to consider when making the final selection?
Featured Articles, Posted 08 Oct 2003

Hinting For Quicktime And MPEG4

"Think different". The writer in me always wants to correct that to "Think differently." But, mangled adverbs notwithstanding, Apple does tend to do their technology differently than other companies. Here's what you need to know.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Oct 2003

IBC 2003 Streaming Products Wrap-Up

The broadcast and streaming worlds are rapidly becoming one entity, if product announcements and show-floor buzz at IBC2003 are any indication. Tim Siglin gives an overview of interesting pre-launch and shipping products demonstrated at the show.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Sep 2003

Rich Media Publishing and Management: Definitely Here Today - Part 1

This examination of the rich media publishing and management space begins by defining the segment, reveals how it evolved to its present state, and identifies some of the current players. Part one of this article sheds some light of what customers might look for when evaluating solutions.
Featured Articles, Posted 24 Sep 2003

Microsoft Opens Windows Media 9 Codec to SMPTE

Microsoft recently submitted its WM9 codec to SMPTE for consideration as an official standard. Is it bold move or desperate measure in an effort to make Windows Media the standard for video compression in consumer electronics and broadcasting equipment?
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Sep 2003

Streaming Media Metafiles Part Three: QuickTime

QuickTime offers a variety of ways to connect your users with your streaming media content. This tutorial looks at three text-based metafile formats for streaming QuickTime movies.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Sep 2003

AOL Gets the Green Light to Stream Video

In 2001, the FCC imposed a condition on AOL that it was not to develop video and audio enabled IM software, for fear that AOL would gain an "unassailable lead" over its nearest competitors. In April of this year, AOL petitioned the FCC to drop the condition saying ban was no longer necessary.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Sep 2003

Streaming Media Metafiles
Part Two: ASX files

Streaming metafiles give you control over the presentation and delivery of your streaming media content. This week we continue our look at the basics of metafiles with an overview of the Windows Media ASX format.
Featured Articles, Posted 26 Aug 2003

Designing the Streaming Media Future

Product architects and producers of streaming content need to focus more attention on the elements of good design and on what their target audiences are doing. Gale Moore, of the University of Toronto's Knowledge Media Design Institute talks about designing useful tools by observing users in action.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Aug 2003

Virage Then And Now

With the recent announcement of the acquisition of Virage, a provider of video and rich media communication software, contributing Editor Christine Perey reviews their business history and the integration of the streaming media work flow within enterprise corporations.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Aug 2003

Streaming Media Metafiles:
When And How To Use Them

Streaming metafiles - .ram files, .asx files and Quicktime Reference Movies - can be both a hassle and a powerful feature of streaming media systems. We’ll explore why you need them, when you don’t, and how they can do more for you than you may think.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Aug 2003

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