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Detecting Streaming Media Players and Connection Speed Tutorial

Learn how to create the code that will let you determine which players your users have installed, and what bandwidth they have available on their Internet connection to stream your Larry Bouthillier
Featured Articles, Posted 18 Feb 2003

Is There ROI In Video On Demand?

With the stock market seesawing back and forth from bull to bear on a daily basis, it's difficult to evaluate realistically the potential of certain niches of the digital video market, but anyone interested in the future must at least Mark Fritz
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Feb 2003

SMIL for Business Presentations, 101

Don’t let your presentation die after you step off the podium. Using SMIL as a corporate communications tool, you can add value to your company training, sales, or marketing efforts by synchronizing voice and slides, and then streaming the results to your Jeff Rule
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Feb 2003

Case Study: Streaming And Learning Go Global

From Alaska to Italy, streaming video and distance learning are proving to be a match made in heaven for Amnis Systems, Mark Fritz
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Feb 2003

What You Need To Know To Select The Right Service Provider

For all of the advances in the streaming media industry over the years - the most commonly asked and confusing question still facing corporations is how to pick the right service Dan Rayburn
Featured Articles, Posted 04 Feb 2003

Making Money with Streaming Media

At a very low level DRM systems provide a lock and key for your content. Using extrapolations of this concept, DRM platforms are able to provide more and more complex marketing and sales vehicles which webmasters can utilize to increase the reach of their Christopher Levy
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Feb 2003

Video Platforms For Handhelds

The latest Palm OS handhelds from Palm Computing and Sony, as well as the Pocket PC platforms from HP, Compaq, Casio, and others, have introduced yet another new and diverse set of platforms for which you must learn to encode and optimize Scott Ettin
Featured Articles, Posted 03 Feb 2003

Microsoft Announces Intention To Acquire PlaceWare

Nearly three weeks into 2003, Microsoft made two announcements that struck Web conferencing solution and service providers like a bolt of lightening; the reverberations will be heard and felt through other technology sectors in the months and years Christine Perey
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Feb 2003

Overview Of Streaming Media Protocols

Servers configured with streaming server software are built for streaming. They have the added benefit of protocols that you can't get with any type of Web server Dee McVicker
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Feb 2003

The Economics Of The Streaming Service Provider Business

As the amount of digital content companies produce continues to climb, the number of streaming network providers, which reached an all time high in 2000, steadily Todd Loewenstein
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Feb 2003

A Case Study In Managed Growth:
Digitally Imported Radio

How can a fledging Internet radio company amplify its broadcast power without investing in expensive infrastructure? Here’s how one company did it.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Feb 2003

Creating Custom Skins For RealOne, Part 2

In the second part of this tutorial -- click here for Part 1 -- contributor Lisa Rein breaks down everything you need to know to customize and liven up RealOne media players.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Jan 2003

Where Videoconferencing and Streaming Technologies Intersect - Part 1

As simple as it sounds to connect one IP video platform to another, converting media produced in real time by a videoconferencing system to appeal to streaming audiences accustomed to broadcast television is challenging.
By: Christine Perey
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Nov 2002

Will The Wireless Industry Do The Right Thing?

It is often said that a person’s true character is demonstrated most clearly in a time of crisis. The same tends to be true for companies and industries as a whole, in which case the wireless industry should soon be showing its true colors. By: Jay Deragon
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Oct 2002

Understanding The Components of a Streaming Media Network – Part 1

Network managers have long recognized the need to control network resources in order to improve the network utilization, reduce costs and provide for an enjoyable end user experience. Here is an overview of the components allowing the network manager to get the job done.
By John Studarus
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Oct 2002

Tracking MPEG-4 At Streaming Media East

Interoperability, scalability & device independence were the features we heard most often during the MPEG-4 sessions at the SM East conference, where panels focused on the efforts to make MPEG-4 the industry standard for next generation streaming media applications.
by Barb Roeder
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Oct 2002

RIAA And Small Webcasters Reach Compromise;House To Vote Today

After seven days of virtually around-the-clock negotiations, record industry representatives and a group of small commercial webcasters reached a compromise Sunday night that could keep those webcasters from being bankrupted on October 20th by offering them a percentage-of-revenues royalty option.
Featured Articles, Posted 07 Oct 2002

9/13/02 - Windows Media 9 Series Beta: Technical Review

The long awaited release from Microsoft’s Windows Media Group, code named Corona, has finally appeared in a beta version. Now dubbed Windows Media 9 Series, it is the first comprehensive platform review in four years.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Sep 2002

Broadcasting Live Events: What You Need To Know - Understanding The Basics

Broadcasting a live event on the Internet requires a host of various resources. Outsourcing all or part of the process can leave you with more questions than answers. This two-part tutorial will provide an outline and checklist of what you need to know to stay ahead of the game.
Featured Articles, Posted 10 Sep 2002

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