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September 24, 2018

Featured Articles
Bridging the Streaming Media Gender Gap
The Women in Streaming Media group, which strives to improve the visibility of women in our industry had its first meetup at IBC, but the entire industry needs to make a better effort to make sure women's voices are heard.
Hulu Talks About the Challenges of Live Video One Year Later
As it built out its live video service, Hulu found a lack of standardization in signal acquisition and metadata use. Now, it's pushing for greater uniformity.
Can Streaming Video Provide a Cure for the Healthcare Crisis?
One trial is using two-way video chat to connect at-risk patients with mental health professionals, and so far the results are encouraging.
Online Video News
Worldwide Revenues From OTT Are Soaring, Reaching $129B by 2023
While the U.S. and U.K. are the dominant mature OTT markets, other countries—especially China—will see stronger growth in the years ahead.
YouTube Moves Gaming to Main Site, Plans to Close the Gaming App
Gamers are now welcome in the main site, as YouTube reorganizes its video game content to better supports its 200 million daily viewers.
MediaKind Personalization Suite Offers Custom Ad Placement
Broadcasters moving to IP delivery need to offer targeted ad placement to stay competitive. MediaKind launches a solution.
Short Cuts
Video: How IBM is Using Video AI
IBM Watson Media's David Clevinger discusses how media entities are currently using video AI in this clip from Streaming Media East 2018.
Video: How Video AI Helps Businesses Interpret Experience Metrics
Citrix Principal Architect Josh Gray explains how video enables higher-acuity metrics analysis in this clip from Streaming Media East 2018.
Industry News
STN surpasses ESPN to rank first overall in Unique Viewers and Total Video Views in August 2018
Award-Winning Makito and KB Encoder Series Available for Use with Microsoft Stream
80° Streams of Keynotes and Venues’ First-Ever Immersive Esports Tournaments
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