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October 30, 2017

Featured Articles
Status Update: Encrypted Media Extensions and the Future of DRM
While publishers wait for a single content encryption system that works across all browsers, standards bodies debate the future of EME. Here's what rights management will look like in a post-plugin world.
AI Will Soon Bring Huge Changes to Live Video Production
The industry has barely scratched the surface on how artificial intelligence can be used. In the next few years, look for AI to automate mundane areas of live streaming.
Educators in a Hurry to Find a Video Solution for Blind Students
Starting in January, educational and training videos will need to be accessible to the blind, but audio descriptions are difficult to create. Is there a better option?
Online Video News
Roku Plans Video Streaming to Non-Roku Devices, Says Report
While customers currently need a Roku box or stick, or a licensed Roku TV, to stream from its channels, soon they might only need a mobile app.
AT&T Sees Big Losses with Pay TV, But Gains With DirecTV Now
An Android box uncovered in FCC filings points the way to DirecTV's future: More streaming, less satellite. Will that be enough to attract subscribers?
Limelight and Qwilt Partner for Integrated Delivery Solution
Thanks to open caching tying together a CDN and last-mile delivery, viewers can expect lower-latency and improved service quality.
Short Cuts
Video: How Has Mobile Engagement Changed Video Monetization?
Agora co-founder Tony Wang discusses how mobile engagement, via multi-host talkback and interaction, has changed the way his company has monetized live video.
Video: What Makes Live Linear So Challenging?
Useful Media CEO Scott Rutherford discusses both the technical and engagement challenges involved in building and maintaining live linear channels in this clip from Streaming Media East.
Industry News
With the End-to-End Client Device Monitoring Solution, OTT Service Providers Can Analyze Video Performance to Improve QoE
First pay-TV provider to offer whole-home Alexa experience
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