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September 20, 2017

Featured Articles
IBC '17: Cisco Says It Will Make IP Better Than Broadcast
Cisco says "IP better than broadcast" initiative is about video-aware networks
IBC '17: Cheap SVOD Bundles Cannot Support Content, says Fox
Fox executive Brian Sullivan argues for a return to aggregation, new mid-priced pay-TV bundles, and traditional media to retain control over premium content
Facebook Primes Watch for Video Explosion in IBC Keynote
The social network pitches its new video service as the community-based OTT platform broadcasters have been waiting for.
Online Video News
IBC '17: Kantar Offers Facebook Video Metrics
Comparisons between video performance on Twitter and Facebook offer advertisers and broadcasters a new layer of understanding audience behavior
Two Strikes and You’re Out: Limelight Measures Viewer Sentiment
Almost 60% of viewers will move on after the second time a video buffers, Limelight finds in its 2017 State of Online Video report.
Wowza ClearCaster Streams up to 1080p to Facebook Live
Wowza's first hardware appliance is a rack-mountable unit that can stream 1080p with real-time stream monitoring using Facebook Live's new Live API
Short Cuts
Video: How to Optimize Video Delivery to iPhone Users
StackPath's Nathan Moore explains the protocols, latency, and bandwidth challenges inherent to delivering video content to iOS devices and how content providers can stream to these devices more effectively.
Video: The Cost of Delivering Low-Quality Video
Touchstream's Mitch Askenas outlines the fiscal consequences--and damage to an organization's reputation--of delivering bad video experiences to subscribers and other end users.
Industry News
Leveraging Bottle Rocket’s proprietary video distribution platform, The Baltimore Ravens are one of the first NFL teams to offer streaming video on Apple TV
Enables first UHD commercial deliveries to major UK broadcaster; Now expanding throughout Europe
The KeyOS Platform includes Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android Devices and licensing support for PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android Devices and Connected TVs.
KeyOS Platform’s Multi-DRM Support Enables the Best User Experience On Today’s Popular User Platforms
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