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July 15, 2015

Featured Articles
Video Quality Measurement Requires Objective and Subjective Tests
How can video compressionists assess the quality of different files? Only by combining objective mathematical comparisons with their own professional judgments.
Cash in on Video Learning Boom by Offering Advanced Instructions
There are thousands of online video lessons available, but many gaps to fill. Companies and colleges should look to the niche topics they can deliver.
Online Video News
Comcast Announces Stream, OTT Service for the Young and TV-Less
The cable and pay TV giant goes after cord-nevers with a low-priced streaming offering, but its many limitations ensure it will have a hard time standing out among the competition.
OTT Could Grow to $12B Industry by 2018, Says Ooyala Report
While Netflix will continue to dominate, Ooyala sees plenty of opportunities for niche services in kids, anime, and sports video.
OTT Service Credential Sharing Costs the Industry $500M in 2015
Young adults especially are likely to use a streaming video service paid for by someone living outside of their household.
Digiboo Provides Travelers With Movies in Only a Minute
An entertainment startup aims to make mobile movie downloads fast and convenient by putting 100 kiosks around the U.S.
Industry News
The video distribution and marketing company completes funding round in the midst of rapid growth.
SproutVideo, a video hosting startup, launches brandable video websites with enterprise-level security features, introducing a new way for businesses to share online videos securely.
Latest example of shifting viewing habits fueling 7 Times Year-Over-Year Growth in Mobile Video Ads
Market Leading Software for Real Time VoIP/Video Analytics Now Analyzes Encrypted TCP/HTTPS Video Streams, UHD and H.265/HEVC Encoded Video
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