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February 25, 2013

Featured Articles
Intel Media Finds that Hardware Is the Easy Part: Commentary
The real challenge in creating a breakthrough set-top box is providing access to unbundled premium channels.
Digitas Panel Looks at the Next 12 Months of Social TV
Interactivity, mobility, and a fight against the second screen invasion will all take place in 2013, said a Social Media Week panel.
A Buyer's Guide to Streaming Appliances
When is a streaming appliance a good addition to an online video workflow? Read on for the answers, as well as the different types of streaming appliances.
Online Video News
January Video Rankings: Strong Decline in Video Ads
Are viewers opting out of video ads in greater numbers? The latest comScore rankings show a large drop in ad views.
Wochit Answers the Need for Fresh News Videos
Monitoring feeds for the hottest trending topics, Wochit's team quickly creates news videos for distribution around the web.
WeVideo and Sony Announce Cloud Editing Partnership
Buyers of certain Sony Handycam or Action Cam video cameras will get 90-days of WeVideo online editing.
Industry News
Streaming runway shows live maximizes global reach, delivers insights that increase sales.
Gorillabox announces the launch of a new cloud-based, Self-Serve Video service G-Box TV.
Patented Unicorn Once Technology Enables Dynamic Ad Insertion Anywhere in the Stream
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