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The Netflix Post Technology Alliance Highlights Tech Partners
With its logo program, Netflix hopes to make the technical side of uploading finished movies a little less confusing for storytellers.

The Netflix Post Technology Alliance? Are we living in a post-technology age? Is it time to get rid of our cellphones?

No, that's not what "post technology" means here. SVOD leader Netflix announced the creation of a logo program called the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, and it's meant to help filmmakers choose post-production tools that work seamlessly with Netflix, so they can focus on storytelling and not worry about whether or not they'll be able to upload their finished work.

So far, the program offers certification for cameras, color grading software, editing tools, and encoding programs. Netflix says it plans on expanding the program to other types of programs, such as those for sound production and dubbing.

While Netflix is careful not to mandate filmmaking partners use only approved products, it wants them to know that products bearing the alliance logo have been vetted to work with it. Not only that, but participating companies are close partners with early access to the Netflix roadmap. When Netflix changes technical requirements, these products will have the inside word.

One company celebrating the alliance is Adobe, which highlighted its value in a blog post.

"The Post Technology Alliance logo signals that a product meets and will continue to meet Netflix’s high quality technical and delivery specifications," writes Van Bedient, Adobe's senior business development manager for ProVideo. "Together, we’ll work hand-in-hand to solve the challenges currently faced by post-production professionals and push the boundaries of technology so creativity can flow freely."

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