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June 01, 2016

Featured Articles
VR Producers Should Avoid Over-Hyping Their Products: Video
It's still early days for VR, and creating heighted expectations will only lead to disappointment, says one VR executive. Still, the area is advancing every month.
15% of US Homes Will Have 4K TV by End of Year, Says Sony: Video
4K video adoption is growing faster than HD adoption did, Sony finds. Viewers should plan on upgrading their internet connections to enjoy that content.
Screen Content Coding (SCC) Offers Improved Quality and Efficiency for HEVC Screen-Captured Content
The new extension to HEVC, Screen Content Coding, is tailor-made for encoding screen captures from video games and tutorials, which feature animation, text, and graphics in addition to camera-generated video
Online Video News
Growth of Streaming Services in the U.S. Is Slowing, Finds Report
Strategy Analytics reveals the first indication that U.S. consumers are nearing their saturation point on SVOD services.
Video Publishers Expand With Social Platforms, Finds Ooyala
With 8 billion daily video views, social networks like Facebook and Snapchat are too big to ignore, but they threaten to reduce website value.
NBC Launches Playmaker Media, Streaming Video Support Service
After 10 years of live streaming the Olympics and other high-level sporting events, NBC Sports creates a side business out of it. The IOC is its first client.
What Is ...
What Is VP9?
VP9 is the open-source codec from Google, and provides a royalty-free alternative to HEVC. It's more efficient than H.264, and while it's less efficient than HEVC, it compares well on quality.
Industry News
New feature gives viewers the ability to report and vote on comments in real time
HEVC announces the addition of Strong to the HEVC Advance Licensing Program
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