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May 13, 2013

Featured Articles
Review: Dish Network's Hopper With Sling Is the One to Beat
The latest Dish DVR offers integrated Sling functionality and wireless iPad transfers. After thorough testing, we call it a winner.
Akamai Explains the Economics of DASH and DASH-264
In a panel discussion, Akamai considers why DASH-264 makes sense for the industry and tells the audience how to join those already working on it.
How to Stimulate Sharing and Find the Dollars in Social TV
Driving conversations is crucial in social TV. That means knowing the difference between what people watch and what they share.
Choosing a Live Streaming Encoder: A Video Guide
Content creators have several choices for turning a live event into a series of adaptive delivery files. This presentation explains them all.
Online Video News
Brightcove Announces Video.js 4.0
Improvements include greater stability and performance in the first update since Brightcove acquired the popular player,
Newsy Announces Is Latest Customer
The short news video creator is branching out with evergreen educational and biographical videos.
Taboola Recommendations Push Digital Spy Past 1M Streams in March
By partnering with Taboola for recommendations, Hearst U.K. properties have seen an increase in traffic.
Industry News
Leader in Cross-Media Video Advertising Earmarks Investment to Support Rapid Growth and Strategic Expansion
Free Movie Streaming App Lets Users Watch Over 700 Great Movies at No Charge; Big Stars; and Popular Genres Make Popcornflix a Unique Movie-Watching App
Streamlined Music Discovery Experience Now Available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico
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