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January 09, 2013

Featured Articles
CES Report: Livestream Announces Broadcaster LTE with Built-In Verizon 4G
New version of also features built-in battery and 5.4 Ghz Wi-Fi support
CES Report: Dish Adds Sling Integration, Offline Video Transfers
Cue the music and the dancing kangaroo: Dish tops its Hopper DVR by announcing the Hopper with Sling.
CES Report: 4K Is the Future for Sony; Promises Affordable 4K TV
Sony trades sizzle for flubs in a lackluster CES press conference. Come back, Howard Stringer.
CES Report: Netgear Surprises with Google TV, SlingPlayer Devices
Low-cost set-top boxes from Netgear let owners search the Web with Google or receive content sent from a Slingbox.
CES Report: Roku Gains Time Warner Cable, 300 Live Channels
Also, Roku gains six "Roku Ready" partners and announces it has over 700 channels available.
Online Video News
CES Report: Audible Magic Launches Synchronized Ad Service
The rise is second-screen viewing has caught on with advertisers, so Audible Magic is finding success with its ACR technology.
KIT Digital Content Solutions Rebrands as "utd. by content"
No longer a part of KIT Digital, the company has a new name, logo, and focus on content management software.
CES Report: Accedo Shows TV Everywhere; thePlatform Partners
Swedish TV app-maker steps up its game with a TV everywhere solution, using thePlatform for content management.
CES Report: Asus Introduces Qube for Google TV
Google TV's not dead yet, with Asus joining other manufacturers in announcing devices that run the platform
CES Report: Panasonic Personalizes Viera; Adds YouTube Control
Simplified YouTube viewing and facial recognition for user accounts led the way in Panasonic's CES announcements.
CES Report: LG Bullish on Google TV, Expands to 7 Models
LG's road map for 2013 includes OLED TVs, ultra high-definition sets, connected TVs, and one-finger gesture support.
Industry News
New applications across TVEverywhere, Second Screen and Augmented Television help deliver customer return on investment
Personal digital media management and 2nd Screen Social TV app for iPad broaden Slingbox 500 and Slingbox 350 capabilities, enhancing the overall Slingbox experience.
Opens 2013 Consumer Electronics Show With Game Changer for Big Screen and Internet Video Delivery in the Home
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