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July 11, 2012

Featured Articles
BP Showcases Olympic Athletes with HTML5 Video Site
Olympic sponsor BP America has created an attractive, responsive, and moving site that delivers HTML5 video first with a Flash fallback.
MPEG DASH's Future Is Fractured, Says VideoRX
At the Streaming Media East conference, Robert Reinhardt of VideoRX says that MPEG DASH's unified vision is still years away.
WCIT-12: The End to the Internet as We Know It?
ACTA and SOPA may be dead, but proposed changes to the Internet Telecommunications Regulation pose an even bigger threat to a free and open internet
Online Video News
Skytide Examines 2012 Predictions; Finds Video IP Traffic Growing
Analytics company rates earlier speculation on CDN federation, video advertising budgets, and more.
LiveRail Lets Publishers Block Video Ads from Exchanges
Checkpoint service offers publishers granular control over the types of ads that get served with their content.
Rightster Launches Rightster Studios to Finance Online Content
Rightster will remove the bottleneck in online video creation by offering financing and strategic services.
Industry News
Now available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store, the Dejero LIVE+ Mobile App enables broadcasters to go live from an iPhone or iPad using multiple wireless connections
CDNetworks accelerated web content delivery and secure document collaboration by up to 2,000%
Integration helps clients maximize communication and collaboration efforts
New opportunities enable a broader range of streaming platforms to offer the power of Wirecast professional video production and streaming capabilities to their users
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