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An end-to-end OTT solution requires a robust streaming architecture coupled with a global, streaming-optimized CDN. To address the needs of our enterprise customers serving subscription-based content, Tulix Systems created TNA, a highly scalable streaming platform that is proving to be one of the fastest and most reliable, feature-rich streaming platforms on the market today. Coupled with Tulix's Video Delivery Network, TNA delivers media content to global audiences with an unprecedented level of stability and speed.

"During our meticulous monitoring of the systems running TNA during these evaluation periods, we noticed the lowest CPU, memory, and drive subsystem utilization we had ever witnessed". 


Sponsored By: Tulix

When explaining how our CDN functions to someone for the first time, whether to a potential customer or a seasoned industry veteran, the initial reaction is frequently a puzzled stare. Those with some familiarity with how CDNs function instantly steer the conversation to points-of-presence (POPs). Inevitably, we’re asked how many POPs we have and where our edge servers are located, the two metrics that seem to be the most popular means of gauging the quality of a CDN at first glance. However, our unique CDN was built on an infrastructure with no POPs at all, and though we have added and are continuing to add servers in various locations, the core of the Tulix CDN is a centralized distribution system housed in our data centers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sponsored By: DDVTECH

This white paper explores MistServer, a greenfield initiative by DDVTech BV, The Netherlands-based startup who recently created a lightweight, scalable media server. With a goal of solving significant media delivery problems, MistServer’s design offers benefits over current solutions.

Brains and brawn, just not in the same place. DDVTech’s MistServer is based on a philosophy that a media server should do what it does best: serve audio and video streams. They split the brawn (MistServer) from the brain (MistSteward, MistCenter, or a web control interface).