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Encoding & Digital Strategy
BC Live

Picture of Dan HouzeCONTACT:  +1 (818) 632-4294

Dan was a late bloomer into the tech world, having produced many musical concerts and theatrical works early in his career. And then, without warning, the need for live streaming and video production sparked a now all-consuming passion for Dan. 10 years later, he has a producer's eye for all things Video/IP/workflow, with a particular emphasis on cellular bonding, Fiber/SAT/IP workflow, live captions and multi-platform OTT distribution.

Currently I'm obsessed with: 

LiveU LU600 v7 w/sub-second latency, 4K, HEVC and video return

Ubiquiti UniFi products: USG Pro, Point-to-Point

TheSwitch who helps us get creative with distro plans all over the world

Switchboard who simulcasts to any platform imaginable 

EEG Caption Encoders and Lexi AI caption delivery - pretty accurate!

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