The Streaming Media Showcase

The Streaming Media Showcase at Streaming Media West 2019 is your opportunity to develop a short list of streaming media technology and service providers that can help you overcome your online video challenges. At Streaming Media West, you’ll gain exclusive access to the world’s leading companies who are forging a path to a new era of digital media. Our Showcase is designed to be a meeting and gathering place for attendees, speakers, and industry experts. Here you can share ideas, seek advice, and mingle with your friends, colleagues, and thought leaders in the industry. Access to the Showcase is included in all pass options. And, don't miss our Meet Ups taking place in the Showcase area!

Showcase Hours

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

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We are MediaKind, a global leader of media technology and services, established as a joint venture between One Equity Partners and Ericsson. Our mission is to be the first choice among service providers, operators, content owners and broadcasters looking to deliver immersive media experiences. Drawing on our longstanding industry heritage, we are driving next-generation live and on-demand, mobile and multiscreen media experiences for everyone, everywhere. Our end-to-end portfolio of media solutions include Emmy award-winning video compression solutions for contribution and direct-to-consumer video service distribution; advertising and content personalization solutions; high efficiency cloud DVR; and TV and video delivery platforms.

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Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Media solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) make it easy to build reliable, broadcast-quality video workflows in the cloud. These services allow you to create professional-quality media experiences for your viewers without the time, effort, and expense typically required to run specialized video equipment in a traditional data center. With pay-as-you-go pricing and fully automated resource scaling, you can accommodate any size audience without significant capital investment. Instead of managing complex infrastructure, media solutions from AWS let you focus on content to give viewers a great user experience.


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Applicaster helps companies reduce costs, increase audience engagement, and significantly improve time-to-market and speed of ongoing innovation of their direct-to-consumer experiences. Our platform, Zapp, is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the production, delivery, and management of media-centric apps, at scale, on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV (Tizen), Amazon Fire, and Roku. With open APIs, an extensive partner marketplace, and the ability to code custom components, Zapp provides an open plug-in architecture within which you can build and scale your multi-device media app strategy. Applicaster customers across the world include Hearst, DirecTV, ProSiebenSat.1, Televisa, Zee5, Funke Mediengruppe, Fox TV stations, Central European Media, Baby First and CONMEBOL.

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THEO Technologies NV

THEO Technologies is at the forefront of a rapidly evolving online video landscape, delivering a high-quality video experience across platforms and devices. THEOplayer, THEO Technologies; flagship product, integrates seamlessly with every aspect of the video chain. THEO Technologies empowers publishers, telcos and broadcasters to deliver a cutting-edge video experience to their audiences. We are continually improving and expanding our offer; developing and testing the latest technologies in our ‘Innovation Lab’. With a strong focus on user experience, performance and cross-platform compatibility, THEO Technologies is delivering world-class video streaming for a global customer base.

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Bitmovin is a leading provider of video infrastructure for online media companies and enterprises globally. Bitmovin technology innovations focus on video encoding, playback, and analytics around user experiences. Innovations include the co-authoring of the MPEG-DASH streaming protocol, and massively parallel cloud-native encoding. For more information, please visit

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PacketFabric redefines how companies build and use network services. The PacketFabric network-as-a-service platform provides instant connectivity between colocation facilities, to major cloud providers, and Internet Exchanges. PacketFabric is simple, cost-effective, and scalable network connectivity and all of our services are provided via our portal and API.

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Recurly, Inc. provides a versatile subscription management platform to manage the entire subscription lifecycle for market-leading businesses worldwide. Leading subscription businesses such as Sling TV, BarkBox, Asana, FabFitFun, Cinemark and depend on Recurly to harness the power of the subscription model and drive recurring revenue growth. Since its launch in 2010, Recurly has deployed subscription billing for thousands of companies across 42 countries.

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Signiant’s enterprise software provides the world’s top content creators and distributors with fast, reliable, secure access to large media files, regardless of physical storage type or location. By enabling authorized people and processes to seamlessly exchange valuable content – within and between enterprises – Signiant connects the global media supply chain. 

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At SSIMWAVE, science meets art to make sure each video you deliver makes its way to a happy customer. We tune video content quality to balance feasibility with the best experience possible. We leverage our Primetime Emmy® Award winning technology to make the unknown, known; the subjective, objective; to reliably deliver video quality levels subscribers expect, and are willing to pay for. 

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UI Centric

UI Centric is a leading creative engineering company that specializes in delivering bespoke TVE and OTT applications for the Media and Entertainment industry. With offices in New York, London, Austin and San Antonio they provide a comprehensive range of digital product planning, design, software development and support services – all delivered in-house - to create ultra-high-quality end-user experiences for their clients.

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Xilinx, Inc.

Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, programmable SoCs, and now, the ACAP. Our highly-flexible programmable silicon, enabled by a suite of advanced software and tools, drives rapid innovation across a wide span of industries and technologies – from consumer to cars to the cloud. Xilinx delivers the most dynamic processing technology in the industry, enabling rapid innovation with its adaptable, intelligent computing.

Silver Sponsors

DLVR, Inc.

DLVR measures, optimizes, and simplifies multi-CDN delivery for Internet video.  With DLVR, publishers get better video performance, increased stability, and mitigation of problems (large and small) vs. CDNs alone, plus QoE/QoS metrics, CDN performance, and workflow metrics for every video from beginning to end.  DLVR is 100% cloud, requires no client-side SDKs, and works across all devices.


An Edge defined by You; No matter the location; No matter the scale; EdgeConneX builds and operates highly proximate, high-powered, purpose-built data centers tailored to the optimal size, power, and location requirements for any deployments, anywhere in the world.

Interra Systems

Interra Systems is a global provider of enterprise-class solutions that streamline the classification, quality control (QC) process, and monitoring of media content across the entire creation and distribution chain. Relying on Interra Systems' comprehensive video insights, media businesses can deliver video with high quality of experience, address new market trends, and improve monetization.

Ovation LLC

JOURNY is the only travel-entertainment app at the intersection of travel, art, and culture! Powered by Ovation, America’s only arts network, and designed for the conscientious traveler, our programming centers world travel, cultural tourism, and global citizenry. Journy is available on Fire TV, Apple TV and iOS devices, Android, Roku, XUMO, Vewd, and Plex.

Verizon Media

Our Media Platform is the simplest way to prepare, deliver, display, and monetize content. It’s built on the world’s largest, most connected delivery network, ensuring high-quality, instant-on viewing of digital content on every device, every time, everywhere. Learn more at

Wowza Media Systems

Wowza Media Systems™ is the recognized gold standard of streaming, with more than 24,000 customers in 170+ countries. By reducing the complexities of video and audio delivery to any device, Wowza™ enables organizations to expand their reach and more deeply engage their audiences, in industries ranging from education to broadcasting.

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Making your content accessible anytime, anywhere. We help you make the world accessible with captions, transcripts, subtitles, described video and more. We stand for Access Inclusion - global impact, one word at a time. We can also live caption and live translate your streaming events and programming.

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Anexia, Inc.

Anexia operates a world-wide cloud covering over 90 locations in over 50 countries providing IP connectivity, storage, computing, and colocation resources catering to organizations that benefit from a multi-national and localized presence. Anexia's infrastructure is well suited for live streaming applications and can help reduce latency with its widespread presence.

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BaishanCloud Technology

BaishanCloud is a leading Chinese cloud data service provider focusing on data life cycle management. With a strong emphasis on data interactions and exchanges, Baishan’s product suite is comprised of cloud deliverycloud security, and cloud API management. Leveraging its extensive cloud delivery network, BaishanCloud’s platform fulfills the data-transmission, data-security, and data-governance needs of Internet and enterprise customers.

Booth 19
Comcast Technology Solutions

Comcast Technology Solutions provides a suite of media and entertainment technology solutions. We invent technology that solves industry challenges, reimagines what is possible, and transforms business through new innovations. Built on Comcast’s know-how, proven facilities, platforms, and infrastructure, Comcast Technology Solutions offers more than 20 years of reliable real-world broadcast and digital experience. We partner with customers to redefine expectations and deliver the future to global audiences. For more information, visit

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A Different Engine

A Different Engine, is an interactive Emmy award–winning digital product agency. We help define, design and execute on a variety of digital ecosystems. We create and execute digital strategies for new technologies, working at the intersection of smart TVs, OTT boxes, connected cars, connected homes, and voice services.

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Digital Element

Digital Element's IP geolocation technology delivers information about online users such as location, connection type, proxy, and more. Using our accurate and reliable data allows you to proactively control digital assets, reduce associated risks, and preserve the online experience. Customers such as Netflix, BBC, Hulu, Sony, JP Morgan Chase utilize our solutions.

Booth 14

DVEO® is a leader in Encoding, Transcoding, Delivering, and Decoding video over IP. We support the popular protocols, and codecs including MPEG-2, H. 264, H.265 and JPEG 2K. We are excited to announce most of our streaming products have been virtualized and support AWS, AZURE, and many other cloud solutions.

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EEG Enterprises
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Every day, millions of people around the world are having their experiences enhanced by Extron audiovisual signal processing, distribution, and control products. Our recording and streaming processors make it easy to capture rich media content and seamlessly deliver it on demand and live to industry-leading enterprise video distribution platforms.

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Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks Inc. is a global leader in delivering the highest quality online video experiences and edge-enabled workflows. Our edge services platform makes knowledge, information, and entertainment instantly accessible anywhere in the world and accelerates the next generation of real-time, interactive and immersive content. 

Booth 22
MOG Technologies, LLC

MOG delivers complete solutions for broadcasters and new media channels, from acquisition to delivery. Video capture and ingest; live and on-demand encoding/transcoding; playback; live streaming from and into any cloud platform or social media; OTT Platform for video management and monetization and Production Analytics for automation and orchestration.

Booth 20
NETINT Technologies, Inc.

NETINT Technologies is an SoC innovator focused on computational storage and video processing. Our Codensity products offer high quality H.264 and H.265 transcoding for live video streaming and AI processing, through a unique combination of ASIC-based encoding densities and economics, with the scalability of NVMe storage infrastructure.

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Rev provides fast, high quality, and on-demand services for video captions, foreign language subtitles, and transcription. Starting at $1/minute with 24-hour turnaround, Rev is disrupting the market. Our FCC and ADA compliant services can be delivered in file types that are compatible with all major editing softwares and video platforms. 

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Streaming Media Magazine

Streaming Media magazine is the trusted resource for organizations investing in enterprise, news/entertainment, and education applications for streaming and other digital media. Online audio and video are now the delivery methods of choice for both business and consumer content, and Streaming Media magazine covers the processes, products, and services that make it happen. Sign up for your free subscription on our website right now.

Booth 37

Teradek develops industry-leading real-time wireless video transmission systems, wireless lens control systems, a wide range of video encoders/decoders, and portable on-set monitoring solutions. Our show lineup includes the Bolt 4K, VidiU Go, HEVC Codecs and much more. Stop by our booth and experience a new class of filmmaking technologies.

Booth 11
Tulix Systems

Tulix is a streaming technology incubator that supports innovators, investors, and enterprises by providing guidance and resources on; strategy, infrastructure, technology, and business models across the whole streaming eco-system. Tulix provides complete 360° managed streaming solutions from its data centers in the United States and Europe. The company operates its own streaming-optimized CDN.

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Ucodec Inc.

Ucodec Inc., based in Silicon Valley, is building the most efficient HEVC (H.265/MPEG-H) software encoder and decoder: fast and light-weight, high efficient, cross platform, easy to use and affordable with flexible licensing.

Streaming Partner

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Mobeon is an advanced media studio that produces immersive content for virtual cinema, live video streaming and experiential media. We transform how companies engage, connect, and share with audiences across the digital landscape.