Streaming Media West 2019 Presentations

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Introduction to ABR Production & Delivery
Jan Ozer - W1_Ozer.pdf
Deploying CMAF; Why, When, & How
Off-the-Shelf Streaming Tools
Objective Quality Metrics 2D & 3D: What They Are, How to Compute Them, & How to Use Them
Jan Ozer - W4_Ozer.pdf
Video Machine Learning: Customizing Solutions & Training Models
Discovering the Power of FFmpeg

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fireside Chat: How Amazon Fire TV’s Customer-First Approach to Streaming Is Revolutionizing Home Entertainment
Industrializing Broadcast-Quality Streaming
Adam Bedwell - 0945_Bedwell.pptx
Subscription Fatigue: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Building Services Viewers Want
LinkedIn Live: A Producer’s Journey
Fireside Chat: The State of the CDN Market
Optimizing Corporate Communications
Grizzle & Condon - B105_Grizzle.pptx
HOW-TO: Fine-Tuning Your Encoding With Objective Quality Metrics
Jan Ozer - T101_Ozer.pdf
Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Graphics and Digital Overlays
Microservices in Action
Open Source Streaming
ATSC 3.0: What You Need to Know
Fireside Chat: Innovation in the Time of Streaming TV
Fireside Chats: Finding New Audiences
Understanding the DRM Lifecycle
Fireside Chat: Connecting with Generation Alpha
Who Cares About Sports & News?
The Video Engineer’s Toolbox
Low Latency Live Streaming at Scale
Evaluating & Testing CDN Suppliers for Performance & Unit Economics
Integrating CMAF Into a VOD Workflow
Tomas Bacik - VES104_Bacik.pdf
Applications of Per-Title Encoding
Berkovitz & Ozer - VES105_Berkovitz.pptx
Ozer & Geiger - VES105_Ozer.pdf
Ozer & Berkovitz - VES105_Ozer(1).pdf
Ozer & Dahl - VES105_Ozer(2).pdf
Get in the Game: How Players and Producers Can Get Started
Volpe & Ordaz - ESS101_Volpe.pptx
Focus on Fans: Attracting Eyeballs, Keeping Them Hooked
Let’s Sync Up: Understanding the Opportunities of Live Sports Streaming
Jones & Nakano - ESS103_Jones.pptx
Women, Games, and the Streaming Community
Esports And Streaming in Education
Bringing Convenience to Corporate Streaming
Live-Streaming Best Practices
Fireside Chat With Industry Leaders (Cancelled)
Real-Time Remote Production for the FIFA Women’s World Cup
Scaling for the Demands of a Growing Live Audience
Discovery Track Session: SSIMWAVE, Xilinx
Discovery Track Session: Interra Systems, EdgeConneX
Elsa Pine - DT102_Pine.pptx
Discovery Track Session: UI Centric, Wowza
Discovery Track Session: PacketFabric, DLVR
Discovery Track Session: Recurly

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Keynote: The Next Generation of Sports Streaming
UX: Keep Viewers Happy
Connecting the Dots for Connected TV Advertising
Video Machine Learning Demystified
Mixed Realities: VR, AR, & XR
HOW-TO: Playout in the Cloud
Multicast: Has Its Time Finally Arrived?
Tackling the Latency Problem
5G & the Future of Streaming
How Niche Video Services Can Find Success
2019—The Year of Direct-to- Consumer Video Services?
Harness SSAI's Superpowers
Addressable TV: How Close Are We to Finding the Holy Grail?
Controlling QoE With Better Data
Marc Maycas - VES201_Maycas.pdf
Hardware Transcoding Solutions for the Cloud
How to Customize Encoding, Packaging, & DRM for All Target Formats
Yuriy Reznik - VES203_Reznik.pdf
LCEVC: The Latest MPEG Standard
Live Streaming in Challenging Conditions
Ben Gabrielson - ESS201_Gabrielson.mp4
Perryman & Dreier - ESS201_Perryman.mp4
Moneyball: Monetizing Your Assets
Overtime: Here’s What’s Next
Niche Sports Find a Home
Discovery Track Session: AWS, Applicaster
Discovery Track Session: Bitmovin, Signiant
Steve Geiger - DT202_Geiger.pptx
Discovery Track Session: THEO Technologies, MediaKind
Chris Vanderheyden - DT203_Vanderheyden.pptx
Discovery Track Session: Ovation
Closing Session: Low-Latency HTTP Live Streaming Update