Brett Casadonte

President and Co-founder
GlobeStream Media LLC

Picture of Brett CasadonteBrett Casadonte is the President and Co-Founder of GlobeStream Media LLC, a live streaming and multi-camera live event production company. From an early age, Mr. Casadonte had a keen interest in technology, beginning as a child when he learned BASIC programming on a TRS-80 model III computer. As he grew older, Mr. Casadonte became interested in creative arts, particularly photography and video, as well as business, leading him to pursue a bachelor's degree in marketing. Over the next 10 years, Mr. Casadonte held a variety of technical, sales, and marketing positions with companies such as Apple Inc., FileMaker Inc., and NASA’s Ames Research Center. While working at NASA, Mr. Casadonte began his journey in live video streaming, implementing a QuickTime Streaming Server to live stream research talks at NASA Ames. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded his first company, The Casadonte Group / Casadonte Productions, a small creative agency with a focus on photography and video production. As The Casadonte Group grew, opportunities for live streaming and live event production grew as well, leading Mr. Casadonte to co-found GlobeStream Media. Since its founding, GlobeStream Media has worked with clients such as GoPro, NASA, Audi, Porsche, Intuit, USA Softball, USA Volleyball and many others to deliver successful live streaming productions. Mr. Casadonte holds a Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing from Western Michigan University and an Associate of Arts in Photography, magna cum laude, from DeAnza College. He has held certifications as a Cisco Certified Networking Associate, Apple Technical Coordinator, and NASA Certified Systems Administrator; has taught computer networking at Mission College in Santa Clara, California; and currently lives with his wife and three children in the Dallas, Texas area.

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