Michael Dale

Chief Technology Officer

Picture of Michael DaleMichael Dale is Chief Technology Officer at Caffeine.tv. Caffeine.tv is growing mobile first platform reinventing social live streaming. Caffeine streams unique interactive experiences around battle rap, street culture and gaming content. Previously Michael ran engineering at Crunchyroll. At Crunchyroll he ran many innovative OTT programs around unified OTT app architecture, edge computing, AI upscaling encoder and new approaches to video telemetry. At Crunchyroll he helped launched VRV as a multi-channel SVOD/AVOD OTT video service with multi-tenancy shared components with Crunchyroll. Michael Dale is long time video technologist. While at Wikipedia he worked with W3C, Mozilla, Open Video Alliance on early web video standardization efforts. At Kaltura he lead HTML5 video adoption for media customers around advertising, content protection and accessibility. He worked with some of the worlds largest content publishers and service operators on product aliment and strategic OTT initiatives. He lead organization FOMS for 10+ years that helps bring together major media and tech companies around online video software standards.

Streaming Media Connect February 2022

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