Esports & Sports Streaming Summit

Nowhere is streaming having a bigger impact than on live sports. It's not just how we watch, it's what we watch. Esports were born online, and for generations of young people they're the only sports they know. It's inclusive, interactive, multi-platform, and always live. Traditional sports are running to keep pace with this upstart, experimenting with multiplatform distribution, VR and AR, digital enhancements, and online gambling. They're also placing bets by starting or acquiring their own esports leagues. Publishers see the changes coming, and are adapting to support both groups, because it’s all just sports nowadays. This incredibly addicting, highly charged, constantly evolving world needs a conference that can keep up with—and even anticipate—the changes ahead. We're it! 

The Esports & Sports Streaming Summit is a dedicated track at Streaming Media West 2020 and is included when you register for an All Access Pass. Only want to attend the Summit? That's an option too. See all our registration options here.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Guerilla Tactics: Cellular Bonding and Remote Production
  • Building Major League Viewing for Local and Regional Leagues
  • Lock It Down: Protecting Your Sports Streams
  • How IP is Revolutionizing Sports Video Production
  • Matching the User Experience to the Sport and the Audience
  • Ultra-Low Latency Sports and Esports Streaming
  • Interactive Streaming Technologies
  • Automated Clipping and Sharing Highlights to Social Media
  • Synchronizing Broadcast and OTT Sports Streams
  • Sports Streaming Case Studies
  • Creating an OTT Presence for your Sports Brand
  • Leveraging AI for a Better Sports Video Experience
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