Evan Shapiro

Owner + Cartographer

Picture of Evan ShapiroShapīro is a noted commentator on the entertainment industry and become recognized as the Unofficial Official Cartographer of The Media Universe. In 2020, Deadline published Shapīro's first Media Universe Map, the first view of the media business to truly include all the major combatants in the war for attention. It was immediately adopted by businesses, executives, analysts, and colleges as the unofficial official representation of the map of media. His essays on media have become must-reads for industry professionals, ongoing mapping of the Media Universe have made him one of the most influential thinkers in the business, making him a sought after speaker, and serving him as a Professor of Media & Entertainment at both New York University/Stern School of Business and Fordham University/Gabelli School of Business. Through the change agency ESHAP, Shapīro and team offer their community of partners insights and services for how to make, sell, and use media right now, and next.

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