Colleen Kelly Henry

Cobra Commander of Video Special Forces

Picture of Colleen Kelly HenryBy day Colleen works on video end to end at FRL / Facebook Reality Labs. By night she is a technical consultant for fun (and no profit) for the United States Air Force Special Forces and on the HBO show "Silicon Valley." She also has an open source project called, where she gives away reference tutorials, designs, and instructions on how to build your own high end live video platform end to end, quickly, easily, and with commonly available parts, services, and open source software. She gave a preview of Streamline2: Screamline at the Demuxed conference this year. As a huge fan of applied video compression, she only has one tattoo, the logo of The Duck Company. It is in honor of the team which became On2 Technologies, who later joined Google and created VP9, WebM, and were the major force behind AOM and AV1. Her non-related computer related hobby is shooting her Barrett M82A1 anti-materiel rifle... unless you count its BORs ballistic computer... in which case she has only computer-related hobbies.

Streaming Media Connect February 2021

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