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Francesca Barber

Executive Director
Global Newsroom Strategy

Picture of Francesca BarberFrancesca Barber joined POLITICO in May last year as Executive Director, Global Newsroom Strategy. In this role, she is responsible for the audience strategy of POLITICO across Europe and the U.S., increasing collaboration and global workflows in the newsrooms, developing new newsroom tools and innovating with product teams across Politico's O&O platforms. Previously, she was at The New York Times for almost nine years where she was recruited to join a new Audience team created after the Innovation Report. During her tenure, she spent six years in the award-winning Video Department where she helped transform the unit into an integral part of the newsroom and an industry leader in digital storytelling. This was recognized when the team was part of four Pulitzer Prize awards from 2019 - 2021 and won nine Emmy awards from 2016 - 2021. And more recently, on the International Desk, Francesca worked across the global newsrooms in Seoul, London, and New York, where she was able to leverage her editorial, digital and personnel expertise. She played a leading role in reshaping the global operation; building and operationalizing new internal structures, reallocating headcount and budget, and setting goals to better align with coverage priorities. Before the Times, Francesca worked at a Silicon Valley start-up called Peek and Google.

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