Cory Zachman

Engineering & Services

Picture of Cory ZachmanCory Zachman, a dynamic leader and industry expert, brings over 10 years of experience in technology and media streaming solutions, crucial for driving the success and sustainability of modern media and entertainment ventures.

Architecting IP video streaming and ad-insertion solutions at Comcast and Bitmovin, Cory brings a wealth of technical expertise and industry insight to the table. His innovative approach has empowered stakeholders to launch world class applications that tap into fresh revenue streams and meet the rising demand for personalized content consumption experiences. As Senior Vice President of Engineering & Services, Cory consistently showcases his remarkable knack for innovation, spearheading projects that redefine the digital streaming landscape for MediaKind customers.

As a native Coloradoan, Cory enjoys spending time in the mountains hiking, golfing, and skiing across the Sunshine State.

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