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Boban Kasalovic

Product Manager
United Cloud

Picture of Boban KasalovicBoban Kasalovic is a technology professional with 20 years of experience in TV production, broadcasting, and streaming industries. He currently manages the development of products in the Streaming department at United Cloud, the leading regional innovation center for developing telco and media products. He has been at the forefront of multiple teams in the company, driving the development of encoding and streaming solutions for a service that delivers over 1,000 TV channels to millions of households in the Balkan region and South East Europe.

As a Telecommunication engineer, Boban's robust technical background spans IPTV, Broadcast and TV production systems. His expertise includes a profound understanding of DVB and OTT technologies. Holding a Master of Sciences degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade, Boban seamlessly combines academic excellence with hands-on expertise.

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