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Chris Wagner

Managing Partner
OTT Advisors

Picture of Chris WagnerWith over a decade of experience in the OTT video sector, Chris Wagner is a managing partner at OTT Advisors, a firm that offers technology services to content rights holders who want to launch or enhance their OTT platforms. Chris has a proven track record of starting up, growing, and selling successful OTT businesses, such as NeuLion, which he co-founded and helped reach $100 million in revenue and $250 million in cash sale.

OTT Advisors is a leading advisory company for live sports, news and lifestyle brands.  OTT Advisors helps thier clients build digital audiences and expand engagement across connected devices, ultimately monetizing video rights and increasing revenues.  Chris holds a Blockchain Technologies certification from MIT Sloan School of Management, which enables him to apply innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Chris is passionate about technology and its potential to transform the media industry, and he is a frequent speaker and thought leader in this field.

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