Dr Sam Khoze

AI Researcher & Technologist

Picture of Sam KhozeDr. Sam Khoze, is an accomplished AI technologist and researcher, with extensive expertise in Multi-model AI systems, Generative AI, and Humanoid innovations. He holds a doctorate in medical science, a postgraduate degree from MIT, and a Master's in Artificial Intelligence from the University of York.

His journey began in film production and transitioned into AI and humanoid robotics, where he has made significant strides and gained recognition worldwide. Sam collaborated with prominent figures and organizations in the field such as Dr. Firouz Naderi, director of Solar System Exploration at NASA/JPL, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro at Osaka University, and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR). He developed and designed one of the most intelligent social robot series, which gained recognition at CES Las Vegas 2023. He also represented and managed some of the world's most advanced and intelligent robots, including Erica developed by Ishiguro Lab, Kyoto University, ATR, and Alter developed by Osaka University Ishiguro Lab and University of Tokyo artificial life researcher Takashi Ikegami. Dr. Khoze achieved the distinction of being the first to cast and train Hollywood's first fully autonomous artificially intelligent entity, in a Motion Picture, as featured by The New York Times.

As an AI advisor and director, Dr. Khoze offers his expertise to film studios, production companies, and Tech Companies, providing guidance and assistance in harnessing, deploying, and adopting AI technologies. Furthermore, Dr. Khoze is a passionate advocate for a human-centered collective intelligence approach, sharing his insights through lectures at universities, conferences, and technology events, inspiring society to embrace a human-centered collective intelligence approach.