Hans Ku

SVP of Product

Hans Ku, Senior Vice President of Product at Tubi, is a seasoned product leader known for scaling technology companies and driving transformative innovation. His multidisciplinary skill set balances technological prowess with a keen focus on user experience, as well as a commitment to pushing the boundaries in delivering top-notch digital experiences.

Before joining Tubi, Hans led several core initiatives at Instagram, including Instagram.com, the Instagram Design System, mobile experience, and emerging interfaces. His expertise in machine learning, interface design, and product management helped advance Instagram's leadership in the social media landscape.

Throughout his career, Hans has been instrumental in the launch of various groundbreaking products and technologies that have reshaped the digital media landscape. As Chief Product Officer at Crexi, Weedmaps, and Flipagram (which evolved into TikTok after its acquisition by Bytedance), Hans displayed an exceptional ability to scale product organizations and achieve exponential growth. As a founder, he launched Ptch, a pioneering startup similar to TikTok that was later acquired by Yahoo. At Yahoo, he spearheaded Screen, Yahoo’s ad-supported streaming service, and launched Yahoo Live, which set new streaming records with live concerts from global superstars like Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake.

Outside of his professional life, Hans is an enthusiastic adventurer. On weekends, he enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and culinary explorations with his wife and four children. A self-confessed Tubi enthusiast, Hans loves watching sci-fi classics like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers, as well as more contemporary hits like Hunger Games, Raised by Wolves, and Westworld.