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Ruud van der Linden

Founder & CEO
Infuse Video

Picture of Ruud van der LindenRuud van der Linden is a founder in media and video technology. He is known for being the founder and former CEO of the OVP StreamOne. Ruud built the first version of the company's product himself before he on-boarded a team of developers which then worked successfully on enabling high-end use-cases and workflows. StreamOne was acquired in 2019 by 24i / Amino Technologies, where the technology is still being used to this day.

In addition to the StreamOne product, Ruud spearheaded the development of projects regarding interactive video, header-based CDN geoblocking, and advanced content metadata for contextual advertising.

Ruud has spent over fifteen years in the video tech industry, and is currently working on his new business Infuse Video, a video infrastructure platform where deep content personalization is enabled at the core.

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