Melissa Yurash

Senior Customer Success Engineer

Picture of Melissa YurashMelissa Yurash has 10 years of experience in video entertainment technology and the KPIs that drive service quality, operational efficiency, customer lifetime value, and revenue optimization as the industry has shifted from cable to OTT.

Melissa Yurash joined Conviva in 2020 providing expert services to Tier 1 OTT streaming services. Previously she served in Service Stability at another Tier 1 OTT streaming service with various positions in data management, observability, and operations efficiency. Prior to that she provided consulting services to Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cable companies specializing in Operations KPIs. Melissa is Six Sigma certified with a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Mathematics from the University of Denver. Melissa has spoken at various industry events driving best practice methodologies used by 80% of the world’s largest media conglomerates. She discusses what to measure, how to measure it, how to contextualize and interpret it, what action to take and in which order to achieve streaming performance success; the most impactful results, with the most efficient use of resources, in the shortest time possible. The internet wasn’t designed for video, and yet it now represents 80% of internet traffic. Fragmentation of encoding, encryption, network, device, and player ecosystems has made it orders of magnitude more challenging to deliver a consistent quality of experience for streaming vs. traditional broadcast networks. Experience impacts Engagement; engagement impacts revenue. The technology exists to solve this challenge but like any tool, wielding it effectively is critical to driving high ROI.

Streaming Media West 2022

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