Michele Fino

Head of Branded Entertainment

Picture of Michele FinoMichele Fino is the Head of Branded Entertainment at Crackle Connex.  She combines personal narratives with business objectives to create & distribute branded stories.  She partners with like-minded organizations who embrace both entertainment & innovative media distribution. 


Michele lives in Manhattan, is an active Mom of three kids, and is too old to be a millennial.  Her career journey includes Branded Entertainment at a global production company, content strategy at a national retailer and marketing at various highly regarded non-profits, including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Her superpower is mixing the detailed intricacies of content production with the complex KPIs of a brand and sprinkling in the power of right time & right audience with the right platform partner.  She is user-friendly, very direct and has a wide collection of gym shoes but does not currently belong to a gym.

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