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Picture of Ajey AnandAjey Anand, has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2015 and is based in Oslo. Norway, the HQ for Norigin Media. As head of the Scandinavian TV App & OTT solutions company; he works with Broadcasters and Operators around the world with a marketing and Ad-sales backgorund from News Corp. Through his time developing streaming Apps and CTV solutions, he became passionate about design, UI/UX and the technologies used for the implementation to create the highest quality OTT experiences.

He has led several projects across Europe and the Americas and is responsible for Norigin´s international expansions and customer acquisitions with Broadcasters and Pay-TV Operators such as Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom (Orange), Vevo Music, Nextel, Telefonica, MTV, IAS, Telenor, Eurosports, etc. He started his career with NewsCorp in Asia and is now based in Oslo, Norway, the headquarters of Norigin Media.

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