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Dom Robinson

Greening of Streaming
Director id3as / Norsk

Picture of Dom RobinsonProviding Ultra-High Availability Live Streaming Software for Operators of CDN, Telco, Cloud, and Broadcast Workflows.

Dom Robinson has spent over 25 years focussed specifically on the complex challenges facing the exploding ‘Streaming Media’ market.

He founded the first large-scale Content Delivery Network in Europe. This CDN was pioneering in its focus on driving IP Multicast adoption in the consumer markets, and between 2001 and 2009 it grew to carry over 150m streams each month for clients as diverse as Sky Sports, RT News and over 60% of the UK’s Internet Radio. He was responsible for putting the UK Parliament, Number 10 Downing Street, Glastonbury Festivals (for the BBC) and FatBoySlim live online (among many others).

More recently he founded industry special-interest group which is bringing together industry actors to focus on energy efficiency and sustainability best practice in CDN and video delivery architecture.

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