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C.J. Leonard

Ad Operations & Technology

Picture of C.J. LeonardC.J. Leonard is Director, Ad Operation & Technology at Infinitive.  As a streaming media and convergence consultant, she has extensive expertise in digital ad operations, ad tech, content delivery, and end-to-end monetization tactics.  She’s worked across the advertising and content supply chain from Publishers to Advertisers, Content Delivery Systems to all forms of Revenue Generation platforms while at NBC Universal, CBS Local, Allen Media Group, Magnite (Telaria), IRIS.TV, and beyond.  She brings a unique blend of innovation, strategy, and practicality. 

C.J. is adept at bridging the gap between the old and the new, highlighting the convergence of media channels and the opportunities they present.  She has a deep understanding of both technical intricacies and strategic imperatives to help demystify the evolving landscape of digital media, from connected TV and OTT ad serving to programmatic technology trends.  

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