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Picture of Jeremy ToemanJeremy Toeman is the founder and CEO of Aug X Labs, a startup putting video creation tech in the hands of marketers, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and anyone else who needs professional videos. Meet Augie, it turns words into videos. Augie is an AI Assisted video creation tool which combines human or AI voiceover/narrations with clips, GIFs, generative media, and stock images to easily craft visual stories. The product went into open beta in January 2023, and can be seen at

Prior to Aug X Labs, Jeremy was VP of Product & Innovation at WarnerMedia, where he led product efforts using AI/ML, Computer Vision, AR/VR, and other advanced technologies. His other recent experiences include founding CPO for Joyn (the Hulu of Germany), VP Products at CBS Interactive. He also founded Dijit (sold to Viggle, 2014), consulted with Sonos, Boxee, Clicker, VUDU, and other media startups, was the first VP of Products for Sling Media (sold to DISH), and cofounded Mediabolic (sold to Rovi).

Toeman is a father of three children and is passionate about sustainability, travel, card and board games, craft IPAs, and hockey. Go Habs!

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