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Susan Bell

Senior Product Manager

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Susan Bell is a media executive with 23 years’ experience recognized for 360 degree understanding and hands-on leadership in product development, project management, emerging technologies, marketing, infrastructure, sales strategies and training.

She has been concentrating on digital product innovation with a focus to discover, evaluate, and implement emerging technology for market growth, applying critical evaluation of ROI for new processes.

Susan currently is the Product Manager for TownNews responsible for development and delivery of digital products such as OTT (Fire TV, ROKU, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung) and mobile apps while guiding the internal and external communications for sales, content, product features and customization.


Career has included:


·       Senior Product Manager,


·       OTT Coordinator, Gatehouse Media


·       Client Solutions: Emerging Technology Director, Calkins Digital


·       Digital Broadcast Director, Calkins Media


·       Creative Service Director / Digital Coordinator, WAAY-TV


·       Creative Service Director / News Production Manager, Morris Multi Media


·       News Production Manager, Imes Communication

• Video Infrastructure and Planning
• Sales Strategies and Implementation
• Content deployment on legacy and untraditional platforms
• Content Audit and Growth Strategy
• Restructuring teams for new product support
• Implementation of digital strategies
• Special revenue projects
• Image and Branding
• Thorough knowledge of traditional, social and digital media, as well as media relations.

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