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Monday, May 6, 2019

W1: Introduction to ABR Production & Delivery
Jan Ozer - W1_Ozer.pdf
W2: Live Streaming Best Practices
W3: Deploying CMAF: Why, When, & How
John Gainfort - W3_Gainfort.pptx
W4: Key Encoding Skills, Technologies, & Techniques
Jan Ozer - W4_Ozer.pdf
W5: FFmpeg From the Ground Up
W6: Maximizing the Value of Your Media Library via Machine Learning
Jun Heider - W6_Heider.pdf

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Welcome & Opening Keynote - Building TV for the Next Generation of Viewers: Hulu’s CTO Reflects on a Year of Rapid Growth
Platinum Sponsor Presentation - Milliseconds to Millions: Why Anything Other than Real-Time Latency Won't Work
B101: Connecting the Dots for Connected TV Advertising
Michelle Abraham - B101_Abraham.pptx
B102: How Are AI & Machine Learning Impacting Streaming Video?
B103: Dailymotion—Hyper-Personalization & Viewer Experience Across Platforms & Devices
B104: How to Convert Live Video Viewers Into Customers
B105: Fireside Chat: You Should Care About ATSC 3.0
T101: How to Establish an Intelligent Multi-CDN Strategy
T102: How to Identify Real-World Playback Options
T103: A Survey of Per-Title Encoding Technologies
Jan Ozer - T103_Ozer.pdf
T104: The Cutting Edge of Packaging Strategies
T105: Get Ready for a Multiple Codec World
OTT101: 2019—The Year of Direct-to- Consumer Video Services?
OTT102: Getting Over the Top—How to Build a Viable OTT Offer
OTT103: The State of Data in Video—Toward an Automated Future
OTT104: BritBox—How a Niche Service Has Found Success
OTT105: OTT Spotlights
VES101: Benchmarking FFmpeg’s Hardware Codecs
Jan Ozer - VES101_Ozer.pdf
VES102: Deploying CMAF in 2019
John Gainfort - VES102_Gainfort.pdf
John Gainfort - VES102_Gainfort(1).pdf
VES103: Enhancing Media With Machine Learning in 2019
Jun Heider - VES103_Heider.pdf
VES104: AV1/VVC Update
Christian Feldman - VES104_Feldman(1).pptx
VES105: Video Engineering Spotlights: Haivison, SSIMWAVE
Marc Cymontkowski - VES105_Cymontkowski.pptx
LS101: Delivering to the Masses
LS102: We’re Coming to You Live
Bacon, Cerejo, Hart & Nagurka - LS102_Bacon.pptx
Bacon, Cerejo, Hart & Nagurka - LS102_Bacon.pdf
LS103: Boosting Your Revenue Streams
LS104: The Future of Video Transport
LS105: Live Streaming Spotlights
DT101: Discovery Track Session: Nanocosmos, SSIMWAVE
Oliver Lietz - DT101_Lietz.pptx
DT102: Discovery Track Session: Intertrust, Bitmovin
Tom Carroux - DT102_Carroux.pdf
Paul MacDougall - DT102_MacDougall.pdf
DT103: Discovery Track Session: UI Centric, Wowza
DT104: Discovery Track Session: HellaStorm, THEOplayer
Brent Yates - DT104_Yates.pptx
DT105: Discovery Track Session: IBM
Scott Grizzle - DT105_Grizzle.pptx
Scott Grizzle - DT105_Grizzle(1).pptx

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Keynote - Cheddar's Bets and the Future of OTT and Live News
Platinum Sponsor Presentation - The Dawn of the Age of Portable Contribution, as Told Through New Examples of Immersive Experiences
B201: Forging Partnerships Across Streaming & Broadband Ecosystems
Mark Trudeau - B201_Trudeau.pdf
B202: Building Streaming Workflows for K–12 and Higher Education
Christopher Martin - B202_Martin.pptx
Grizzle & Nisly - B202_Grizzle(1).pptx
Grizzle & Martin - B202_Grizzle(2).pptx
B203: Beyond Corporate Communications & Training
B204: Batten Down the Hatches: Stream Piracy and How to Protect Your Content
T201: The (Live) Streaming Pro’s Toolbox
T202: How to Build a Free Encoder/Packager With Watch Folder Operation Using Open Source Tools
Jan Ozer - T202_Ozer.pdf
T203: Case Study—Low-Latency Live Streaming From the Deep Sea
T204: Modular Cloud Video Workflows
OTT201: OTT Spotlights
Scott Apgar - OTT201_Apgar(1).pptx
OTT202: The State of Server-Side Ad Insertion
OTT203: OTT Moves Toward Microservices
OTT204: Unlocking The Value of OTT Audiences
VES201: Multiple Codec Live Streaming at Twitch
VES202: Building a Custom Video Experience with Open Source
Stephen Cronin - VES202_Cronin.key
VES203: Accessing Real-Time Metrics for Live Streams At Scale
VES204: Deploying WebRTC in a Low-Latency Streaming Service
Alexandre Gouaillard - VES204_Gouaillard.pdf
LS201: How CBS Sports Digital Streams Live Events at Scale
LS202: The Game of Social Strategy
LS203: Remote Production in Pajamas
Megan Wagoner - LS203_Wagoner.mp4
LS204: The 360° View
DT201: Discovery Track Session: Red5 Pro, Lightcast
DT202: Discovery Track Session: Synamedia, Comcast Technology Solutions
JT Taylor - DT202_Taylor.pptx
DT203: Discovery Track Session: Harmonic, SeaChange International, Inc.
Scott Apgar - DT203_Apgar(1).pptx
DT204: Discovery Track Session: Synacor, UI Centric
Lisa Engelke - DT204_Engelke.pptx
Lisa Engelke - DT204_Engelke.pdf
Closing Session presented by Netflix - Interactive Storytelling: Choose What Happens Next
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