2018 Call for Speakers

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Deadline has been extended until January 12

Each year, Streaming Media events receive many more speaking submissions than available speaking slots. Because of that, we strongly suggest you submit your Streaming Media East 2018 proposal early. We often review and confirm positions upon receipt. Don't wait until the last minute to submit! If you are submitting on behalf of a vendor, you are required to submit with a customer.


We’ve revamped Streaming Media East to offer more than ever before. Below you'll find a detailed description as well as suggested topics to help get your proposal started.

Technology & How-To Track

This track is for CTOs, engineers, and developers who want one thing: solutions. The video ecosystem is a fragmented mix of platforms and devices: Learn from the pros how you can eliminate the bottlenecks and deliver results. Expert presenters will offer sessions on encoding and transcoding, packaging and delivery, player and UI development, and formats, protocols, and standards. If you’re looking for deep dives into HEVC, VP9, AV1, DASH, CMAF, WebRTC, video optimization, QoS/QoE, or AI and machine learning, you’ve come to the right place. This is the place to go under the hood and learn real skills and improvements you can put in place as soon as you’re back in the office.

Possible proposal topics include:

  • The Future of Video Codecs
  • Using WebRTC to Reduce Latency
  • Maximizing the Value of Your Video with AI & Machine Learning
  • Optimizing HEVC and H.264 Encoding Quality
  • Delivering Immersive 360° and VR Experiences
  • The Impact of Open Source Protocols
  • How CMAF Can Simplify Streaming
  • IMF: One Format to Rule Them All or Just One More Format?
  • Developing and Deploying Progressive Web Apps

Business/Strategy Track

Attention CEOs, CSOs, media strategists, and business development executives: This is your home at Streaming Media East. This forward-thinking track offers high-level strategic discussions where you can learn from the best where the online video economy is moving. The Business/Strategy Track will shed light on the future of the online video marketplace, discussing ways broadcasters, cable & satellite operators, MVPDs, and content rights holders can unlock the value of OTT and TV Everywhere. It will point to improvements in content creation, acquisition, and monetization, and reveal coming shifts in consumer viewing habits. A sea change is coming to entertainment and sports; this track is for executives who want to ride the wave.

Possible proposal topics include:

  • OTT is the New TV
  • Maximizing Reach with Syndication
  • The Future of the Skinny Bundle
  • Effective Social Media Video Strategies
  • Reaching Viewers on Multiple Platforms and Devices
  • VR/360° Video: Flash in the Pan or Here to Stay?
  • Using Data and Machine Learning to Give Viewers what they Want
  • Best Practices for Education and Training Video
  • Forging a Holistic Enterprise Video Strategy

OnlineVideo.net's Video Marketing Power Track

Online video viewing is exploding, and online video advertising is taking over from TV. For the first time, Streaming Media East has a track just for video marketing, and you need to be there whether you're guiding the first efforts of an SMB or the global cross-platform strategy of a Fortune 500. In this one-day track, we'll look at the obstacles challenging advertisers and publishers, reaching consumers where they live, work, and shop. We'll have the biggest names in video marketing offering lessons and speaking from their own experiences. Because this is Streaming Media East, we'll offer a detailed deep-dive that the other conferences can't match. And did we mention there will be plenty of time for networking? Does your CMO need to be here? You know it.

Possible proposal topics include:

  • How to guarantee brand safety
  • The future of programmatic sales
  • A transparency wish-list for buyers
  • Fighting the walled gardens
  • Maximizing viewability
  • What metrics marketers need to watch
  • Achieving scale on connected TV
  • Serving the mobile consumer
  • Planning cross-platform campaigns
  • VR, AR, and 360 videos: Hype and reality
  • Customizing with addressable TV
  • Channeling artificial intelligence
  • Working with influencers
  • Running branded campaigns
  • Ads.txt: Why it's the future
  • Using blockchain in ad buys

Streaming Media East Spotlight: AI, Machine Learning, and the Future of Everything

Yes, everything, because every part of the video ecosystem will be impacted by artificial intelligence. Think we’re exaggerating? Look around: AI and machine learning are already letting smart companies put big data to work by creating more customized offerings. This isn’t the future; it’s the present. The heaviest hitters are using AI in automated highlight generation, video processing, sentiment analysis, facial recognition, hyper-personalized content recommendations, ad targeting, viewer retention, and customer churn prevention. That’s a lot to spotlight, but this track will explore the technical, financial, and ethical implications of this brave new world. Don’t get left behind! You’ll come out with a deeper understanding of how to make your entire operation smarter, faster, and more profitable.

Possible proposal topics include:

  • Using AI to Improve Your Video Workflow
  • AI and the Cloud
  • Automated Trailer and Highlight Creation
  • How AI Can Help OTT Beat Broadcast
  • Unlocking Personalized Recommendations with AI
  • Predicting and Preventing Customer Churn with Machine Learning
  • Generating Fine-Grained Metadata with Facial Recognition and Sentiment Analysis
  • Maximizing the Value of Your Content Library with Machine Learning
  • Using AI and Machine Learning to Improve QoE and QoS
  • Curate and Categorize Video with AI
  • Filter and Flag: Machine Learning-Based Content Moderation
  • Using AI and Machine Learning to Manage Network Traffic

Session Types

There are two kinds of speaking sessions available:

How-To Presentations

Technical experts who are willing to share their practical tips, tools, or strategies for deploying online video, please consider volunteering to speak at Streaming Media East. We need presenters who can show people how to do things step by step as a stand alone presenter in a 45-60 minute session. We are NOT looking for product pitches or product demos.

Round-Table Panels

These sessions consist of four speakers and a moderator discussing topics pertaining to business models, monetization strategies and industry trends in a 45-60 minute session where no presentations are required.

Benefits of Speaking

All speakers receive a full, complimentary registration to the conference, a $895 value, plus great exposure in the industry — so think over your latest success stories or technology ventures — and submit your proposal today! At this time, due to the large number of speakers, we are not able to pay any travel or lodging related expenses.

Submit Your Proposal

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