Streaming Media East 2018 Presentations

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Encoding 2018: Codecs & Packaging for PCs, Mobile, & OTT/STB/Smart TVs
Jan Ozer - W1_Ozer.pdf
FFmpeg From the Ground Up
Encoding Live & VOD for HEVC/HLS
Jan Ozer - W3_Ozer.pdf
Ozer, Hassoun & Moss - W3_Ozer(1).pdf
Learning Live Streaming Best Practices
Hands-on Developer Lab: Recipe for Building a Video Kernel and Deploying at Cloud Scale with FFmpeg in 120 Minutes

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Welcome & Opening Keynote: Creating Community With Facebook Live
So Many Platforms, So Little Time: Winning the Race for Reach
Keep ‘Em Coming Back for More: Best Practices for Online Video Engagement
Get Rid of the Silos! Integrating Your Streaming, Videoconferencing, & Unified Communications Solutions
Andy Howard - B103_Howard.pdf
Best Practices for Education & Training Video
Knowlton & San_Angel - B104_Knowlton.mp4
Knowlton, San_Angel, Martin & Freeman - B104_Knowlton.pdf
CDN Optimization: Working Toward Broadcast Economics & Quality at Scale
Best Practices for Advanced Software Encoder Evaluations
HOW-TO: Comparing AV1, VP9, HEVC, & H.264
Jan Ozer - T102_Ozer.pdf
Spectral Quality: Improving Colors to Improve Videos
Vittorio Giovara - T103_Giovara.pptx
Vittorio Giovara - T103_Giovara.pdf
HOW-TO: Media Management in the Age of Netflix
Jun Heider - T104_Heider.pdf
The Quest for Low-Latency Live Video
From Content Creation to Delivery: How AI Is Impacting Modern Media
Case Studies: Breaking New Ground with AI
Sauer & Petro - AI102_Sauer.pptx
Petro & Sauer - AI102_Petro.pdf
Video AI: Mapping Consumer Streaming Experience Onto Network Operations & Decisioning
Case Studies: News and Publishing
Garthwaite & Chiles - AI104_Garthwaite.pptx
Rafah Hosn - AI104_Hosn.pdf
Singularity: Compare & Contrast Video Insights via AI
Jun Heider - AI105_Heider.pdf
Discovery Track Session
Oliver Lietz - DT101_Lietz.pdf
Discovery Track Session
Discovery Track Session
Discovery Track Session
Zhou Wang - DT104_Wang.pdf
Discovery Track Session
Kurt Michel - DT105_Michel.pptx
Social Live Video: The New Cable
Delivering Live Linear OTT
Todd Mason - LS102_Mason.pdf
Mason & Capstraw - LS102_Mason(1).pdf
Multi-Distribution of Live Video
Jan Ozer - LS103_Ozer.pdf
Latency Matters & Masters
Oliver Lietz - LS104_Lietz.pdf
Live Streaming Spotlights
Stuart Kurkowski - LS105_Kurkowski.pptx

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Keynote: Bridging the Content and Technology Gap
Must-Have TV: Direct-to-Consumer & the Future of Video Distribution
Deploying a Studio-Approved Multi-DRM Strategy for Connected & Offline Devices
Vincent Viteau - B202_Viteau.pdf
Real-World VR/360° Use Cases
Mining for Content—Five Ways Blockchain Is Disrupting Entertainment
Chris Michaels - B204_Michaels.pptx
Case Studies: UHD & IMF
HOW TO: Identifying Real-World Options for Live Streaming Playback
HOW-TO: Comparing Per-Title Encoding Options
Jan Ozer - T203_Ozer.pdf
The Future of Video Codecs: VP9, HEVC & AV1
Oreper, Choi, Goldstein, Luther & Grathwohl - T204_Oreper.pdf
Discovery Track Session
Johan Janssen - DT201_Janssen.pdf
Discovery Track Session
Michael E. Kolowich - DT202_Kolowich.pptx
Discovery Track Session
Simplifying OTT Video Delivery With SCTE-224
Live Streaming Spotlights
Engaging Live Experiences for Digital Platforms
Navigating Algorithms to Reach Your Audience
The Future of Live Streaming
VM Kickoff Session: Pivot Point
Overcoming Obstacles: Getting a Handle on Brand Safety, Viewability, and More
Go Too Far: Pushing the Envelope in Brand Storytelling
Kathryn Friedrich - VM202_Friedrich.mp4
The Future Is Cross-Screen: Running a Cross-Screen Campaign
Todd Johnson - Download presentation here
See It First
Closing Keynote: What’s Next for Video: OTT, Subscription Services and the Connected Living Room

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