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Picture of Vincent ViteauStarting a career in microelectronic, Vincent worked for 9 years with experts, exploring in depth video processing systems, such as facial recognition, H264 video compression, communication, 3G, LTE etc. for years (sometimes a decade)…before they went to market. At the same time, he also actively contributed to the expansion and IEEE standardization of SystemC, a C++ system modeling language, with a special personal focus in complex concurrent system designs and simulations. In 2007, Vincent moved to the mobile industry and mobile application projects. Vincent worked on strategic mobile services for Orange, a major European telecom operator, which included the Orange TV on tens of mobile platforms, allowing live TV to be watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers. In 2009, Vincent and his team simulated to a selected panel of 300 users the first video on demand service with DRM on Android mobile devices. The service offered both adaptive streaming and download. With 99% plebiscite from the end-users, the service was launched to consumers in 2010 on both Android and iOS. It was an immediate hit. This included blockbusters and TV shows from all major studios and broadcasters with download and streaming options. In 2012, Vincent opened the US office of IDVIU (formerly Labgency) which continues to push its limits and challenges by working with Hollywood on protecting their most valuable assets before their release in theaters or on air. The company has been operating the largest Digital Screener platform, which, on top of many detection and protection mechanisms, also features unique forensic watermark to each viewer in a large scale (100,000+ users, 50,000+ videos).

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