TJ Vitolo

Chief Commercialization Officer
Envrmnt AR/VR, Oath

Picture of TJ VitoloT.J. Vitolo is an experienced Mobile Product Executive with a solid track record of delivering compelling experiences. A self-described Corporate Entrepreneur, T.J. manages his teams as internal start-ups and focuses on culture, passion, and execution as critical elements for success. Today, he leads the commercial strategy and product execution behind Verizon's XR (AR/VR/360) organization, Envrmnt.

As a 16-year veteran of mobile on both the Engineering (Accenture / B.S. Engineering-Lehigh) and Product (10 years-Verizon) fronts, T.J. has helped companies like Siri (acquired by Apple), VideoSurf (acquired by Microsoft), and Netflix develop and commercialize mobile solutions. Recently, T.J. and his team launched AR Designer, the world’s first streaming based AR toolkit that allows brands and developers to quickly and easily create augmented reality experiences without technical expertise.

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