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Steven McNellie

Senior Producer

Picture of Steven McNellieI believe in no-fail live streaming. This means creating environments that have redundancy and where risk assessment and mitigation are conducted. My workflow is shaped by the interests, perspectives, and needs of the audience. I believe a stream is a window into an experience, not just a signal being sent out into the world. A viewer-centric approach to live streaming creates an inclusive, rich experiential product. Airbnb brought me on board three years ago to fulfill a desire to bring the streaming of Airbnb’s all hands in house. Today, small teams have expanded into large departments. These departments frequently have live streams that are now sponsored at the executive level. As internal demand has increased so has interest in streaming publicly. For our valued public viewers, I believe in engineering opportunities to connect to the business in genuine and meaningful ways. Furthermore, it is my focus that these experiences should be seamless and that the technology I ask people to use should just work and be as inevitable in function as they expect it to be.


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