Justin Holt

Post Production

Justin Holt began his entertainment career in post production at Weller/Grossman Productions in Los Angeles, producing a wide variety of shows, including Emmy nominated "Beyond the Da Vinci Code" for History Channel and "Wolfgang Puck's Cooking Class for Food Network.  In 2005, he left WG to join Studio City as a producer/editor for promos, working on Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, The Tony Danza Show, That 70's Show, & South Park.  After one year in the promo grind, he left to join the post vendor Atlas Digital, and spent 9 years at Atlas as an Avid technician, in-house post supervisor, and eventually running the day to day in-house DI facility.  In 2015, he joined Runway/The Post Group as Director of Post Production, overseeing client relations, technical workflow and the financial health of the department.  Justin joined Netflix in May of 2017, and is active in multiple post education initiatives.

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