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Picture of David HassounDavid Hassoun is the founder and CEO of RealEyes, an advanced application development firm that specializes in media streaming solutions he started nearly 15 years ago. With over 20 years of industry experience, David and the RealEyes team have developed media players, complex media processing solutions, and robust end-to-end applications for some of the world’s largest streaming events and companies.  David is no stranger to large scale, high pressure streaming events: he’s worked with RealEyes’ clients to deliver thousands of live streaming events, including three Olympics, and two Superbowls David has a proven track record as an advanced streaming solution architect and has a background in application development and design. Previously an adjunct professor at the University of Denver for nearly a decade, and speaking at hundreds of community events and conferences, David also has a proven track record in teaching and enabling others on complex topics.

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